Traditional hiring is broken. Three ways to fix it, for good!

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Carrie Morris
April 7, 2021

Part II

In part one of this two-part series, I shared the top 3 reasons why traditional hiring is broken.

  • Traditional hiring is too slow...and expensive
  • Traditional hiring focuses on the long-term
  • Traditional hiring is inflexible

As someone who has been consulting with hiring managers at enterprise tech companies for over a decade on how to overcome the traditional hiring limitations, this alternative approach is a game-changer!

A new approach to traditional hiring

Wondering how to accelerate, reduce costs and create more flexibility in your hiring? Launch your hiring strategy into the future of work with on-demand, project-based talent. Here’s how to get started:

1. Expand your mindset.

It’s not traditional hiring or nothing: You have options.

As our CEO and founder, Lisa Hufford, likes to phrase it, shift your mindset from team to Team to embrace a total talent strategy.

A team consists solely of full-time employees. In contrast, a Team includes a collection of resources helping an organization reach its goals. There is no standard template—a Team can be any combination of FTEs, consultants, freelancers, vendors, agencies, and contractors.

In contrast to the weeks or months it takes to hire an employee, an on-demand expert can quickly be selected, hired, dropped in like a Navy Seal with a targeted mission, and add value, often in a matter of days.

2. Define success.

It might sound obvious, but it’s near-impossible to have a successful project without first clearly defining what success looks like. Ask yourself: What’s the most important outcome I need right now?

Dig a little deeper. What results do you want to see in 30 days? What about 90? What expertise do you have on your team, and where are your gaps? What milestones must be met? How will you measure success?

Don’t overlook the tactical logistics either. Successful clients break down what they need to do to meet their goals.

3. Evaluate your options.

Next, determine the best external talent options for your needs. You can search within your own networks or partner with a gig platform or on-demand talent company.  

If you go it alone, you’re on the hook for everything from drafting the project description and sourcing, vetting, and hiring to managing performance and payment.

While gig platforms are great, an on-demand talent company will provide curated, vetted talent and client-focused service. They’ll provide you with a trusted individual or team that meets your unique needs. They’ll also manage talent performance, deliverables, and success metrics for the project, so you, the hiring manager (a.k.a. client) can focus on the work that you want to be known for.

While traditional hiring has some serious limitations, there are alternatives that will help you overcome the costly and timely obstacles. To conquer the challenges of an ever-changing workforce, many companies are turning to on-demand talent alternatives with specialized consulting firms who can bring experienced consultants, capable of hitting the ground running, and a drive to produce results almost immediately.

Are you ready to launch your hiring strategy with on-demand, project-based talent in marketing, communications, and project/program management? Reach out to me and let’s talk about hiring strategies.

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