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What We Do

Some firms want to be everything to everyone. We've chosen to specialize in our areas of expertise.

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Simplicity understands my business and can find me the  right talent to help my team achieve our marketing goals with very little direction.
Sr. Marketing Manager, Amazon Web Services

Our Approach

Balance the resources you have with the resources you need using our fast, flexible SPEED™ talent strategy


Identify business goals & needs 


Build project plan & SOW


Identify business goals & needs


Track progress regularly & consistently​


End of project review &  measure—extend, expand, or pivot​
The SPEED playbook is available for download.
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It’s been a challenge to find great support for this team that is not only able to work at this scale but also with the sense of urgency that’s needed. Simplicity was able to reduce the turbulence and overall stress, so we can focus on other strategy and details.
Program Manager, Worldwide Retail Stores, Microsoft

Client FAQs

We offer a full range of on-demand talent solutions. We solve our client’s biggest pain points in marketing, communications, and business operations — from strategy to execution. You can browse our full menu of capabilities on this page.

We have a curated community of thousands of trusted marketing, communications, and business operations experts who thrive on driving impact through project-based work. Once prospective consultants have completed their online profile—detailing their areas of expertise, work history, skills, and described their ideal project— all applicants are personally screened by our talent team. Our robust intake process gives us the information we need to assess skills, expertise, and culture fit. Once the information is gathered, our talent managers match up consultants with projects and clients, based on both the unique needs of the business, but also based on the soft skills required.

Identify the business need. We start by understanding your business, diving into your priorities and goals. Outline the project. Next, we help you define the skills and experience needed to achieve your business objectives. 

Review the talent. We build a shortlist of candidates who have demonstrated success specifically aligned to the business needs outlined in the project description.  From there, we provide our recommendations based on a thorough intake and analysis of skills/experience that will help the client achieve heroic success.   

Meet the top contenders. We will schedule time for you to meet with our strategically vetted candidates so that you get a feel for their thought processes, approach, working style, and culture fit. We all this a working session.  

Project start. Once you have selected the best consultant for your project, we streamline the onboarding process to ensure the project is kicked off smoothly and the success metrics are set up from day 1. Our efficiencies result in a complete onboarding within1-3 weeks.

Matchmaking is our superpower! Once we understand your project needs, requirements/qualifications, and budget, we start sourcing from our curated community of expert-doers.

No bloated retainer fees. No out-of-touch teams. No tracking resource utilization. Our consultants are embedded in your business—when you need them—to drive quality results from day one. And they’re backed by the stability of an employer so they can focus on what they do best: delivering impact.  

Another differentiator is our support excellence model. You’ll receive a dedicated client success manager (CSM) to ensure that your needs are being met, starting day one, including: 

Project kick off: Review scope of work, deliverables, and success metrics with your CSM and consultant (+1 week after start). 

Month one check-in: Discuss success metrics, areas for improvement and any updates to scope of work with your CSM (+1 month after kick-off). 

Quarterly check-in: Review scope of work and consultant performance with your CSM (quarterly through the duration of the project). 

Project end: As the project nears completion, your CSM will work with you to build a thorough transition plan. 

One of the primary benefits when working with Simplicity is that you can focus solely on the results of your project versus performance. You’re a client, not a manager, and we manage performance. We’ll work with you and your consultant to ensure that your business needs are being met, and your Client Success Manager will work with your consultant to coach, measure, and manage their performance.

Our people are our product, and quality is our top priority. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we curate the best of the best, and our client-centric matchmaking ensures that we find the right person for your unique needs. And, on the off chance that you’re not satisfied, we offer a guarantee.

At Simplicity, we encourage working sessions, not interviews. These 30-45 minute meetings give clients a chance to see how our consultant team members problem solve; rather than review a resume and work history. Clients want to know how the consultant is going to make an immediate impact in their business. The working session is the consultant’s opportunity to showcase their relevant work samples and demonstrate where they have done similar work before, as well as discuss how they were able to achieve results for the business.