Simplicity's Diversity Pledge

At Simplicity, our approach to diversity and inclusion is rooted in helping everyone thrive in this new world of work one conversation at a time. We strive to build a culture of connection and belonging where everyone is empowered to make an impact. We are committed to developing a diverse workforce of exceptional talent to catalyze heroic success - for our clients, our consultants, and our community.

The Simplicity Diversity Pledge is one critical step towards bridging the network gap for a diverse community of professionals. Let's create a more inclusive workforce together.

What is the network gap?

When it comes to finding meaningful, impactful work, networks matter. A lot. But, like opportunity, they are not distributed equally and are built over time. LinkedIn has done extensive research around networks; here's what they found - the main factors that contribute to a person's ability to get hired:

  1. Where you grow up. LinkedIn users who grow up in areas with a median income above $100k are 3x more like to have a stronger network than other users.
  2. Where you go to school. Users who attend top schools are 2x more likely to have stronger networks.
  3. Where you work. Users who have work experience at a top company are nearly 2x more likely to have stronger networks.
  4. Who you know. Referrals are 9x more likely to get hired.

The reality is that where you grow up, where you go to school, and where you work can give you a 12x advantage in gaining access to opportunity. That delta in opportunity is called the network gap, and we can help close it.

What can we do? Bridge the gap - take the pledge!

When you take the Diversity Pledge, you are committing to take three very important actions to help close the network gap for women and BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color):

  1. Collaborative learning. Relationships are an essential driver for finding and securing work, and as you learn how to leverage your network, you increase your capacity to connect, build and understand the impact you can have as one individual.
  2. Commitment to expanding your personal and professional network. According to our hiring data, nearly 80% of our talent community learns about us from other consultants and clients. In other words, the best way we can expand opportunities to diverse talent is to continually build relationships with new people.
  3. Active engagement. Volunteering your time and/or resources is a great way to stay engaged in this effort to close the network gap. You can work with organizations who are already making strides in DEI, offer your time as a mentor, give informational interviews to professionals who may be new to consulting - and share your experiences with our community so we can learn and grow together! 
  • Take the Pledge

    Once you submit this form, you will receive information and updates around DEI resources, workshops and trainings, and ways you can continue to help close the network gap!

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