Digital Marketing Master Class with Elissa Fink

Why do 84% of digital transformation projects fail? Every company has accelerated its digital transformation in the past year and it’s not slowing down! Are you a marketing leader who is required to be resilient, flexible and deliver on your goals? How do you navigate this new terrain? 

Elissa Fink was Tableau Software’s CMO for over 11 years and retired at the end of 2018. She is credited with driving marketing strategy and execution through all stages of growth, taking Tableau Software from a small startup with ~$5 million in revenue to a publicly held industry leader with over $1 billion in revenue. Now, she serves on public, private, and not-for-profit boards, including Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), Qumulo, Pantheon, and Intellimize. She also teaches graduate marketing and communications courses at the University of Washington.

Here’s what we’ll focus on during the webinar:

  • Digital transformation beyond the buzzword
  • Where marketing leaders should start and how to prioritize their approach
  • Letting go of the traditional lines we've drawn around marketing
  • Pragmatic optimistic best practices and the possibilities of digital transformation

Elissa has real-world experience about what works and what doesn’t with digital transformation and we are honored to have her share her wisdom with us.

This webinar will be an informative 30-minute conversation where Lisa Hufford will be interviewing Elissa to share her insights and 15 minutes of Q&A.

Feel free to share this event with your network and bring your questions as we will have time at the end for Elissa to answer.

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Join career growth coach, Julie Schaller, for a live workshop on how to promote your personal brand effectively on LinkedIn, your resume, and on your digital portfolio.

Schaller has a natural talent for inspiring others to new levels in their career. She is known for helping professionals get absolutely clear on their ideal next career step, position themselves confidently, nail the interview, overcome blind spots to their career advancement, and develop a powerful leadership presence.

Landing exciting projects as a consultant happens when you consistently tell your personal brand story often and everywhere. And this Live presentation will show you how to do just that!

In this LinkedIn Live, Julie Schaller, will walk you through:

  • How to create brand integrity across your resume, LinkedIn, and pitch
  • 10 ways to communicate your personal brand through your LinkedIn profile
  • 5 ways to communicate your personal brand through your resume

In January, we talked about the importance of defining your personal brand. Now, Julie Schaller will show you how to put it into action in this workshop hosted by Simplicity Founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford.

The workshop will be followed by a live, moderated Q&A session. This event is open to all current and prospective clients and consultants of the Simplicity community. Feel free to invite guests if you think they would enjoy meeting the community or benefit from learning more about Simplicity.

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Simplicity Diversity Pledge

We pledge to:

  • Support BIPOC in activating and expanding their professional networks
  • Help BIPOC find meaningful work in marketing, communications, and business management roles

We invite clients and consultants to join us in an effort to help close the network gap and support BIPOC.

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