Homepage Hero: Hai D.

Sara LeHoullier
October 11, 2021

Hai D.
Program Owner | Customer Advocacy Program

How did I get here?
I actually began my career providing therapy as a behavioral health counselor before earning an MBA and running executive projects for health systems. I later transitioned into publishing social media campaigns and designing advertisements for small, boutique brands.

After completing and renewing several engagements with Simplicity, I can now say that I consult in all things marketing and management for various companies such as partner marketing with AWS, product strategy with EagleView, and even brand management with Microsoft Xbox.

How did I manage that?
My early volunteering experience for vulnerable LGBTQIA+ communities taught me that problems are usually embedded systemically and that creative solutions come from collaborative relationships. To this day, I continue to give back to the community by organizing programming with the Project Management Institute, which renews the positivity and passion I bring to every role.

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