Define Your Personal Brand With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

During this LinkedIn Live, Lisa Hufford, Founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting, and author of, “Be you: Five Steps to Ignite your Personal Brand,” shared her proven tips to building a well-rounded personal brand and answered questions in real-time. Watch this training to recognize your strengths, spark that lightbulb moment, boost your confidence, and set yourself on a path of finding and landing the work you love, as a consultant.  

You’ll learn:  

  • What is a personal brand
  • The 5-steps to ignite your personal brand  
  • Why you need a personal brand statement and how to build one 

Simplicity Diversity Pledge

We pledge to:

  • Support BIPOC in activating and expanding their professional networks
  • Help BIPOC find meaningful work in marketing, communications, and business management roles

We invite clients and consultants to join us in an effort to help close the network gap and support BIPOC.

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