Lights, Camera, Mic, Action! Get The Right Sear & Set Up For Your Home Production Studio

Our homes have become the office, school, vacation destination, and … production studio. Our executive producer and creative director shares the equipment you need at home to DIY video content that looks good—but not too good—in a moment when authenticity and immediacy count more than ever.

Here, the storyteller and writer, Stephanie Chacharon, virtually sits down with Melinda Morrison to talk shop and learn what mics, lights, and cameras she’s sending to event presenters for the now-virtual Microsoft BUILD event. (List with links below.)

TLDR: A great camera and a great mic make a big difference.

Get Melinda’s take on what virtual events can learn from late night.

AirPods Or iPhone headphones both work great.

Affordable lavalier lapel mic ($16).

Podcast-quality mic: Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Condenser ($70).

Ring light: Melinda has this 8” ring light with tripod stand and phone holder ($60). Pro tip: Throw a white t-shirt over the light for a softer light source—the softer the light, the better you look.

Camera: If you’re looking to invest, Melinda recommends this Logitech Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam ($200).

Camera height is also so important. Err on the side of higher rather than lower. Melinda has this laptop stand ($40).