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Homepage Hero: Reba Clamp

Simplicity is a very special firm. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I was looking at other consulting firms and comparing them to Simplicity, that I realized how simple Simplicity makes all of this.

Homepage Hero: Telain W.

UPDATE!! We originally spoke to Telain in October of 2021, and she recently took the microphone during our monthly sync call to talk about her incredible work with the Tableau […]

Tips for Creating Accessible Content

Do you know if any of your colleagues are color blind? Do they have dyslexia? Are they deaf or hard of hearing?  With remote work and global organizations, it’s impossible […]

Homepage Heroes: Lauren and Dayna

Lauren Hardin and Dayna Weir are part of our fantastic Talent Team here at Simplicity - as Talent Managers they're often the first faces that our applicants see after they apply for a role. They're passionate, smart, and truly committed to finding the best match possible - for both client and consultant.

Homepage Heroes: Josh Sanderson

It's time to get to know Josh! He's a Partnership Lead for one of our client's Product Marketing Teams, and we had a fantastic - and truly eye-opening - conversation about working as a consultant with Simplicity.

Homepage Heroes: Martha Brent

Martha is one of our senior consultants - like many in our community, she brings her experience as an FTE into her roles with Simplicity, and we're so glad she took the time to chat with us!

Homepage Heroes: Michael Ucci

Honestly, I'm awed every day by the people. Our HQ team, clients, and consultants amaze me. Everyone is such a go getter, but also very authentic and honest, and they really care! When they offer to help me - or our clients or consultants - I know they genuinely mean it.

Homepage Heroes: LaShunte Portrey, Director of Talent Acquisition and Engagement

Over the years, my leadership roles in non-profits and global recruiting have positioned me to drive social change for historically marginalized communities, like my own. As a relationship builder, I thrive in talent acquisition because it's about finding ways to see people more fully.

Homepage Heroes: Mindy, Xbox Lifestyles & Pop Culture Marketing

My role changes every day. Since there’s no end to the project, I hope I get to support the team forever. My word for this year is pivot – being flexible and keeping our palms open is important.

Homepage Heroes: Markelle Rich

Markelle is a Senior Talent Manager here at Simplicity - she's truly the bee's knees. She spearheads and leads our Connect sessions, which give prospective consultants a chance to learn about Simplicity while the Talent Team gets to learn about them and what they're looking for in their next project, so we can match them up to the right client.

Homepage Heroes: The A Team!

These three professionals have widely different career paths, and they've all landed at Simplicity, on the same team - the A Team!

Homepage Hero: Greg, Project Manager

I didn't realize that PM work like this could be filled through consultants helping to make my favorite video games! It's just a different way that people can get involved with and pursue any industry they're interested in or passionate about.

Homepage Hero: Sheryne Cadicamo

I’m energized by goals, and helping not only our consultants, but our team achieve those goals. Not all of our goals are business-related either - I'm at my best when I'm helping the consultants thrive, and empowering clients solve business problems.

Homepage Hero: Doug Priest

I'm working in Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector on Critical Infrastructure. It’s exciting and impactful work, focusing on public utilities, transit, and cities.

Homepage Hero: Cindi Newell-Timmons

I absolutely love what Simplicity brings to the client and consultant community, the inclusive nature by which Lisa runs the company, and all of the people that I have the opportunity to work with.

Homepage Hero: Al, Visual Merchandising Project Manager

What I love about consulting is that I get opportunities to interact with people from various backgrounds in an effort to maximize impact and productivity.

Homepage Hero: Melinda G.

Melinda G.Project Manager, Employee Engagement Team I was a Microsoft FTE for nine years working in many different roles including a two-year assignment in China. I left Microsoft in 2019 […]

Homepage Hero: Kayleen W.

Kayleen W.Digital Marketing Strategist | Scaled Analytics Insights Manager I have a career background in advertising and digital media. I’ve helped small businesses, fortune 500 companies, and everything in between […]

For the love of the GIVE: a 'hole in one' for The First Tee!

Here at Simplicity, we've made it our mission to help everyone thrive in this new world of work. 'Everyone' includes not only our headquarters team, consultants, and clients, but our […]

Homepage Hero: Krissi T.

Krissi T. Senior Project Manager, Cloud Marketing | Brand, Advocacy, Demand and Evangelism I started consulting/freelancing in 1999 because I wanted to deliver excellence to my clients exactly the way […]

Get Back to Work Your way with Lisa Hufford, Nancy McSharry Jensen, and Sarah Duenwald

Learn proven strategies to re-enter the workforce and how to do the work you love as a consultant. Led by authors of “Back to Business” and “Work, Your Way”, Nancy […]

Creating a Culture of Coachability, Featuring Patricia Burgin

The pandemic has required us all to be more resilient, to roll with the punches, and adapt to change to keep our sanity. Coaching is now an essential skill that […]

High Impact Sales Storytelling: 3 Must-tell Stories to Get More "Yeses", Featuring Erin Sanchez

What do successful marketing campaigns from leading brands like Hallmark, Progressive, and Noom have in common? They all use the power of storytelling to captivate, connect, and convert. Whether you […]

Mastering the Networking Conversation, Featuring Julie Schaller

Research shows that 70-85% of jobs are found through networking. Approach networking the wrong way, and it’s a complete waste of time. Do it right, and doors open with very […]

Work Your Network to Get Work, Featuring Al Stelly, Simplicity Consultant

Al Stelly is a distinguished Project Manager with extensive experience in retail sales and operations, leadership development, and visual merchandising execution.

6 ways to work your network to thrive as a consultant

The adage is true: You’ve got to network to get work. It’s especially true for project-based work. Every consultant I interviewed for my upcoming book, Work, Your Way: Reinvent Yourself, Create the Life You Want, and Thrive as a Consultant, spoke to the importance of networking. Here are their top tips for working your network to thrive as a consultant.

Taming the Sabertooth: Thriving in Turbulent Times with Tracey Grove

Resilience is increasingly needed in the workplace. The world of work is more fast-paced, digitized, and interdependent than ever before. The addition of a pandemic has made any semblance of […]

Why Freedom and Flexibility Matters, Featuring Alyssa Hughes, Simplicity Consultant

Alyssa is a phenomenal marketing strategist, entrepreneur, military spouse, and mom. She's been consulting with the Microsoft Research Web Production team for the past 5 years as a digital content manager.

Work, Your Way: Flexibility

Since starting Simplicity Consulting in 2006, I’ve seen it all. Professionals from all backgrounds, for all reasons, seeking out a new way to work. While every person and story are different, there are three primary reasons why people choose and stick with consulting: flexibility, freedom, and focus. In the first of this three-part series, I’ll explore the most commonly shared reason—flexibility. You’ll hear from three successful consultants for whom flexibility is non-negotiable.

Work, Your Way: Freedom

Flexibility, freedom, and focus are the three core reasons why professionals choose and stick with consulting. In the last of this three-part series, let’s explore the power of freedom. From layoffs and RVs to side hustles and the YOLO economy, hear from successful consultants who value professional freedom.

Work, Your Way: Focus

When’s the last time you got into flow while working? You know the feeling: everything around you fades away, time somehow warps, and you’re singularly focused on the task at hand. Do you have the ability to focus and dig deep on a project or area of expertise? If the answer is no and your need for focus is unmet, I want you to know that you have options. In the new world of work, you can work differently—you can work your way.

Digital Marketing Master Class With Elissa Fink, Marketing and Technology Leader

Why do 84% of digital transformation projects fail? Every company has accelerated its digital transformation in the past year and it’s not slowing down! Are you a marketing leader who is required to be resilient, flexible, and deliver on your goals? How do you navigate this new terrain?

An Alternative to Traditional Hiring, Featuring Melinda George, Simplicity Consultant

Melinda is a skilled professional consultant specializing in project and program management. As a former FTE at Microsoft, Melinda discusses the consulting lifestyle and shares her views on the traditional hiring model.

Work, Your Way Workshop with Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

During this webinar, Lisa Hufford, Founder, and CEO of Simplicity Consulting, speaker, and author will walk you through the Work, Your Way Playbook, which is your step-by-step companion guide to […]

Traditional hiring is broken. Three ways to fix it, for good!

I help hundreds of hiring managers understand how to think about talent and how best to reach their business goals. And while each manager, team, and organization are unique, the downsides of the traditional hiring process are painfully universal. Here’s why hiring is broken—it’s too slow, too expensive, and too inflexible—and how to fix it. Get ready to launch your hiring strategy into the future of work with on-demand, project-based talent.

3 reasons why traditional hiring is broken

I help hundreds of hiring managers understand how to think about talent and how best to reach their business goals. And while each manager, team, and organization are unique, the downsides of the traditional hiring process are painfully universal.

Thriving In The Future Of Work, Featuring Mary Cronkhite Johns, Simplicity Consultant

Mary is a senior business management consultant for the technology industry and is an expert consensus builder, collaborator, and communicator.

The Five Essentials for Success in the Future of Work

The future of work is now, and professionals have more options than ever before to choose when and how to work. With remote work policies becoming the norm, many people are exploring new ways to integrate work and life.

Learn How To Tell Your Personal Brand Story Consistently With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

In this live presentation, Career Growth Coach, Julie Schaller, discusses how to tell your personal brand story effectively on LinkedIn, your resume, and on your digital portfolio. Landing exciting projects […]

Define Your Personal Brand With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

During this LinkedIn Live, Lisa Hufford, Founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting, and author of, “Be you: Five Steps to Ignite your Personal Brand,” shared her proven tips to building […]

The Post Experience Economy: A Mini Marketing Course With Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean At UWB

The service economy as we know it was upended by COVID, giving way to the post-experience economy—and a fundamental reshaping of how we buy, consume, interact, engage, and market. It’s […]

Telling Your Personal Brand Consistently, Featuring Imani Apostol, Simplicity Consultant

Imani is a UX Designer with a Master's Degree from the University of Washington. She's known for connecting her research-based curiosity with the ability to impact others in a meaningful way.

Marketers: How To Thrive In A Post-COVID World

Marketers, consider this: How has the pandemic changed your daily routine? What do you do at home now that you didn’t do before?

Personal Brand As your North Star, Featuring Sydney Davis, Simplicity Consultant

Sydney is a senior communications and marketing professional who's been consulting for 10+ years and is well-known for understanding the value of a personal brand as a consultant and in building a consistent pipeline of work.

Learning and Development: Personal Brand Workshop With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

In the new world of work, a clear, compelling personal brand matters more than ever. Watch this virtual personal brand workshop with Lisa Hufford—author of the Personal Brand Playbook and […]

How Companies Accelerate Growth & Relevancy Featuring Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

We’re thrilled that our Lisa Hufford returned to the Women in Cloud Summit 2020 as a sponsor and panelist. Watch as she talks about helping companies accelerate growth and relevancy […]

What To Look For In A Great Consultant Featuring Carrie Morris, Simplicity Consulting Vice President

What to look for in a great consultant Hiring managers, wondering what to look for when hiring a consultant? It’s as simple as SMILE. These five attributes—Self-starter, Meaningful relationships, Innovative, […]

Own Your Life: Consulting Pros & Cons At Microsoft Alumni Network Virtual Career Fair With Carrie Marris, Simplicity Consulting Vice President

Learn why 40% of professionals don't want to be FTEs. Simplicity Consulting’s VP of Client Services, Carrie Morris, shares the benefits of consulting … and myth-busts the cons. Curious about […]

Remote Work: Staying Connected While Staying Apart

88% of companies are asking employees to work remotely to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread. And while remote work is both our current reality and the future of work, […]

The Right Talent For The Right Client: In The Sound Booth With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

Lisa Hufford is the founder & CEO of Simplicity Consulting—the enterprise marketing consultancy for the new world of work and five-time honoree of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in […]

Talent With A Capital T Featuring Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting, Lisa Hufford, returns to the Women in Cloud Summit 2020 as a sponsor and panelist. Watch as she talks about how to think of […]

What Virtual Events Can Learn From Late Night Featuring Melinda Morrison, Simplicity Consultant

Taking events from IRL to virtual isn’t as simple as cut and paste. Great virtual events reimagine their approach to storytelling, experience, and personalization. Executive producer and creative director Melinda Morrison made […]

Virtual Events: Is This The End Of The Traditional Keynote? Featuring Melinda Morrison, Simplicity Consultant

We’ve quickly adjusted to seeing our colleagues, leaders, and TV personalities in their homes. What does this mean for virtual events—and is this the end of the traditional keynote? Executive […]

Networking & Virtual Events: Going from IRL To Online Featuring Melinda Morrison, Simplicity Consultant

We know that networking is the main reason that people attend events. How are events ever going to replicate that in-person connection piece in a virtual environment?  Executive producer and […]

Late Night Is Getting Creative With DIY Content & Virtual Events And You Should Do The Same

It’s been fascinating to see the creative ways that late night is DIYing its content and shows—how could we apply some of that creativity to virtual events?  Executive producer and creative director Melinda Morrison made […]

Lights, Camera, Mic, Action! Get The Right Sear & Set Up For Your Home Production Studio

Our homes have become the office, school, vacation destination, and … production studio. Our executive producer and creative director shares the equipment you need at home to DIY video content […]

Breaking Through Communication Barriers With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

Knowing how to communicate effectively is not only a required life skill, it’s a competitive advantage. This is especially true in the virtual world. This powerful and highly applicable presentation […]

What To Look For In A Consulting Partner & The Importance Of A Consultative Approach Featuring Carrie Morris, Simplicity Consulting Vice President

With teams running lean due to COVID-19, hiring managers are becoming increasingly more likely to engage independent talent (47%, according to an Upwork survey). As marketing leaders turn to outside […]

Communication Tips For Resolving Workplace Conflicts With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

Last month, Julie Schaller from Empower Coaching left us wanting more after her training on Breaking Through Communication Barriers ( In this training, Julie shares pro tips on overcoming communication […]

How Marketers Can Lead The Digital Transformation With Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean At UWB

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of every business function and industry. It has affected marketing by shifting customer experience from physical to virtual spaces (think Zoom Yoga […]

How To Execute An Insanely Awesome Digital Marketing Campaign With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Founder & CEO and Guests

Get a leg up on how to execute digital campaigns that drive results. As consumers shift more and more to a digital world, companies must use technology to improve performance, […]

Transforming Silence Into Action: Navigating Racial Microaggressions

Lisa Hufford, founder and CEO at Simplicity Consulting, facilitated a discussion with Jodi-Ann Burey and Ekin Yasin, on LinkedIn Live on September 3rd, 2020. Tune in to these three powerful […]

How To Conquer Burnout And Fatigue With Mitch Shepard, DEI Strategist

This event is hosted by Lisa Hufford, founder & CEO @Simplicity Consulting. Since the start of COVID-19, there has been one consistent theme we’ve heard loud and clear: professionals in […]

Download The Personal Brand Playbook

In the new world of work, a clear, compelling personal brand is more important than ever. Get the tools to define & share your unique brand with confidence & clarity. […]

What To Look For In A Consultant

In my time with Simplicity, I’ve met with hundreds of clients. I’ve heard their business challenges and aspirations, their pain points and their wish lists.

9 Ways To Communicate With Sensitivity In A Global Workplace

Educate yourself in advance to avoid any missteps and demonstrate respect. Some gestures that are benign in your culture of origin are seen as offensive in other cultures.

AI & its role in narrowing opportunity gaps in a post-COVID-19 world

Together, we are all navigating an uncertain path toward economic recovery as governments around the world order lockdowns, re-openings, and sadly, rollbacks of re-openings.

Overcome workplace communication challenges: a 2-part training series

I was thrilled to help organize a two-part training series to 1) help leaders break through communication barriers, and 2) provide communication tips for overcoming workplace conflicts. Have you ever […]

What virtual events can learn from late night

On Friday, February 28, I was knee-deep in Microsoft Research’s largest event of the year, TechNext. Hundreds of researchers from around the world were getting ready to board planes bound […]

[Virtual] remote work real-talk

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been struggling at some level to adjust to this new normal. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to […]

Storytelling in the real world: How case studies connect technology, people & sales results

When I left the world of creative and academic writing for technical marketing work, I vowed to use my powers for good. I scorned businesses that used showy, shadowy language […]

Staying connected while staying apart

One of my favorite coronavirus Tweets so far reminds us to be gentle with ourselves in these far-from-ordinary times: It can be incredibly difficult to concentrate right now—I’m writing this […]

5 tips for staying productive (and sane!) while adjusting to remote work

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. A few months ago, I shared five tips for successfully managing remote employees. I also shared some stats on the […]

Women.Co: The 5 COs of Successful Women-Owned Businesses

When I started out as a business owner, I wasn’t thinking about being women-owned—I was focused on being successful. And I was, for more than 25 years. I built a […]

Interview tips & tricks

This content was repurposed from a presentation that Markelle gave earlier this year to the Women in Business group at UW Bothell. In my role as Talent Manager at Simplicity […]

Taking ACTION with Women in Cloud

The morning of the Women in Cloud Summit, Chaitra Vedullapalli, architect of the Women in Cloud initiative, sent an email asking the speakers and organizers to walk into the event […]

Prepare for WA's paid family-leave benefits

Download our Leave of Absence Coverage Playbook As of January 1, Washington state employees can apply for 12+ weeks of paid family and medical leave benefits. Thanks to this new […]

3 Ways To Increase Your Team's Diversity

Is your company feeling a little homogenous? You’re not alone. 71 percent of companies want an inclusive culture, but only 12% have reached a “mature” level of diversity and inclusion […]

Start the new decade right: Invest in your personal brand

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. It could be anywhere—at a party, a work event, or a coffee shop. You meet someone, and they introduce themselves […]

FFA x Simplicity: Sponsorship in action

2019 was transformational for the Female Founders Alliance (FFA). The organization tripled its membership, launched its programming on a national scale, inked a deal with WeWork, honored an incredible group […]

I'm a marketing leader & a millennial mom. Want me to work for you? Give me flexibility.

This post was originally published by Stephanie Chacharon on LinkedIn. Two things are true: I love my work. And I’m an amazing mom. Those truths don’t have to be at […]

Work + fulfillment

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. Last week I was privileged to travel to Palm Desert to attend the 2019 Global Annual Meeting of EY Entrepreneurial […]

5 Tips For Successfully Managing Remote Employees

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. It’s #WorkFromAnywhere Week (thanks for the head’s up, Career Contessa), which is as good a time as any to talk […]

GeekWire Summit 2019

The GeekWire Summit did not disappoint. We learned. We laughed. We met some of our local heroes. And we left feeling inspired by the future of tech and the incredible […]

Tech Impact Awards 2019

We’re honored to receive a Tech Impact Award alongside our region’s top tech leaders like DreamBox Learning, Smartsheet, TomboyX, The Riveter, and Zipwhip. One of the PNW's most distinguished tech […]

Better together: 5 takeaways from TalentConnect 2019

Our heads are still swirling with stats, strategies, and inspiration from TalentConnect. We joined 4,600 members of the global talent community in Dallas, Texas, in pursuit of our shared goals […]

(un)Gala at a glance

Team Simplicity recently attended the UW Bothell School of Business' annual (un)Gala. It was a celebration of the people who make the school great, and a chance to hear from […]

How to bring your event to life with a team of experts

Events are essential to an effective marketing strategy. Nearly 90% of execs plan to grow their event budgets in the next year, and 30% of marketers believe that events are […]

13 Years of Simplicity

Simplicity turns 13 today. Our founder and CEO, Lisa Hufford, reflected on where we've been—and where we're going. Read her LinkedIn article: Grateful & Inspired. Thanks to everyone who made […]

Daring Woman Lisa Hufford

We love daring women. We religiously follow Seattle Business magazine's Daring Women series—featuring local inspirations like the Riveter's Amy Nelson and DreamBox Learning's Jessie Woolley-Wilson—and we were a proud sponsor […]

Here's why we're supporting FFA

This year, we're funding a pro bono marketing resource for the Female Founders Alliance (FFA). Learn why, from our founder Lisa Hufford, in this excerpt from the FFA blog: "I […]

Building your on-demand team: low-risk and flexible

“This new structure allows team members to focus on leveraging their unique set of expertise to deliver greater results…” Michael, like many managers, is in meetings almost every day from […]

New year, new opportunity: embracing the talent shift, are you ready?

In 2018, we can expect even more change and acceleration of pace in workplaces everywhere. In my first post in this series, I explored how companies everywhere are facing what […]

Here to stay: the on-demand workforce and "The fourth industrial revolution"

With pressure on corporations to move fast, drive innovation, control costs, and get results, the On-demand Workforce is here to stay. Increasingly, companies are rethinking how they get the job […]

Jumping into the talent pool: every company wants the best

Companies must embrace the reality that the best and brightest most likely won’t want to be on your team unless you update your talent strategy. If you brought together a […]

Navigating the talent shift in the digital transformation era

Today, companies everywhere are facing what leaders are calling the “Digital Imperative”—transform your business with digital speed, scale, and value, or else. Our rapidly-changing Digital Economy has created a sharp […]

Why SPEED© works: get ready for project-based, on-demand success

The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. Change is the only thing that is certain in work and life, and there’s no end […]

Execute: Set & meet expectations

Setting and meeting expectations is key to successful project execution. Now that you have selected your consultant, set the project up for successful execution by documenting the project deliverables in […]

Evaluate project metrics

The Evaluate phase is critical to ensuring that the work is getting done as agreed upon in the statement of work (SOW). Creating metrics is key to understanding if your […]

The on-demand workforce: agile, adaptable, accountable

Because businesses increasingly are required to do more with less, companies large and small are beginning to see the critical need for project-based, on-demand teams to drive business outcomes. One […]

The SPEED© solution: delivering at the speed of digital

SPEED© is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success. Several years ago, my team invented a new approach to […]

The talent shift mindset and project-based approach

The old “work for one business until you retire” mentality is no longer realistic, even feasible, for the modern workplace. Since 2006 when I started my company, I’ve seen how […]

The new work landscape and the digital drive to compete

A lot is happening, and happening fast. The big question: How will companies compete in this new economy? Across the planet, companies everywhere are working to adapt to the speed […]

Plan: Create your project description

Now that you've identified what success looks like, it's time to kick off the planning process. In the plan phase, you'll gain clarify on how to meet your business objectives […]

Success: Set the foundation for your on-demand team

The first step of creating an on-demand team using the proven SPEED methodology is Success. Let's start by identifying your most important outcome. You likely have many needs and goals, […]

Decide: Determine new or continuing project needs

Once your goals are met, it's time to decide if there are new or continuing project needs. When you achieve project goals, you feel empowered to tackle the next project […]