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Traditional hiring is broken. Three ways to fix it, for good!
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3 reasons why traditional hiring is broken

I help hundreds of hiring managers understand how to think about talent and how best to reach their business goals. And while each manager, team, and organization are unique, the downsides of the traditional hiring process are painfully universal.

The Five Essentials for Success in the Future of Work

The future of work is now, and professionals have more options than ever before to choose when and how to work. With remote work policies becoming the norm, many people are exploring new ways to integrate work and life.

Marketers: How To Thrive In A Post-COVID World

Marketers, consider this: How has the pandemic changed your daily routine? What do you do at home now that you didn’t do before?

What To Look For In A Consultant

In my time with Simplicity, I’ve met with hundreds of clients. I’ve heard their business challenges and aspirations, their pain points and their wish lists.

9 Ways To Communicate With Sensitivity In A Global Workplace

Educate yourself in advance to avoid any missteps and demonstrate respect. Some gestures that are benign in your culture of origin are seen as offensive in other cultures.

AI & its role in narrowing opportunity gaps in a post-COVID-19 world

Together, we are all navigating an uncertain path toward economic recovery as governments around the world order lockdowns, re-openings, and sadly, rollbacks of re-openings.

Overcome workplace communication challenges: a 2-part training series

I was thrilled to help organize a two-part training series to 1) help leaders break through communication barriers, and 2) provide communication tips for overcoming workplace conflicts. Have you ever … Received feedback that you need to be more “strategic” or specific? Struggled to get your point across in team meetings? Been frustrated that no […]

What virtual events can learn from late night

On Friday, February 28, I was knee-deep in Microsoft Research’s largest event of the year, TechNext. Hundreds of researchers from around the world were getting ready to board planes bound for Redmond, WA, to showcase their cutting-edge demos—content they’d been preparing for months, even years. And then the coronavirus hit stateside. Within 48 hours of […]

[Virtual] remote work real-talk

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been struggling at some level to adjust to this new normal. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home, it’s not just adjusting to working fully remotely—it’s also dealing with headline fatigue and the stress of looming economic uncertainty, trying to […]

Storytelling in the real world: How case studies connect technology, people & sales results

When I left the world of creative and academic writing for technical marketing work, I vowed to use my powers for good. I scorned businesses that used showy, shadowy language to manipulate buyers. Even as a software technical writer who worked on admin guides and help files (remember those?), I strove to make personal connections, […]

Staying connected while staying apart

One of my favorite coronavirus Tweets so far reminds us to be gentle with ourselves in these far-from-ordinary times: It can be incredibly difficult to concentrate right now—I’m writing this while dismissing news alerts, with a kindergartener doing math worksheets to my left and a 2YO playing with imaginary suitcases at my feet—let alone stay […]

5 tips for staying productive (and sane!) while adjusting to remote work

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. A few months ago, I shared five tips for successfully managing remote employees. I also shared some stats on the rise of remote work: It’s grown 91% in the last 10 years, and 159% over the last 12 years. 73% of all teams will have […]

Women.Co: The 5 COs of Successful Women-Owned Businesses

When I started out as a business owner, I wasn’t thinking about being women-owned—I was focused on being successful. And I was, for more than 25 years. I built a business to fit my values and my family’s needs in a way that corporations weren’t doing. These days, in addition to my work as a […]

Interview tips & tricks

This content was repurposed from a presentation that Markelle gave earlier this year to the Women in Business group at UW Bothell. In my role as Talent Manager at Simplicity Consulting, I meet with hundreds of clients and consultants. Those conversations have given me a front-row seat to what hiring managers are looking for. Early-in-career […]

Taking ACTION with Women in Cloud

The morning of the Women in Cloud Summit, Chaitra Vedullapalli, architect of the Women in Cloud initiative, sent an email asking the speakers and organizers to walk into the event with intention. She encouraged them to contribute to the power of community and collective action. To be intentional about contributing to economic access for all; […]

Prepare for WA's paid family-leave benefits

Download our Leave of Absence Coverage Playbook As of January 1, Washington state employees can apply for 12+ weeks of paid family and medical leave benefits. Thanks to this new benefit, more people will be taking leave than ever before. As a manager, you want to support those taking leave—without overburdening yourself or your team. […]

3 Ways To Increase Your Team's Diversity

Is your company feeling a little homogenous? You’re not alone. 71 percent of companies want an inclusive culture, but only 12% have reached a “mature” level of diversity and inclusion (source: Breezy HR). Here are 3 easy ways to increase the diversity on your team. But first, let's look at how we typically find that […]

Start the new decade right: Invest in your personal brand

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. It could be anywhere—at a party, a work event, or a coffee shop. You meet someone, and they introduce themselves with their name and their job title. And unless their title is truly memorable—and let’s be honest, it often isn’t—it quickly fades from memory. Now […]

FFA x Simplicity: Sponsorship in action

2019 was transformational for the Female Founders Alliance (FFA). The organization tripled its membership, launched its programming on a national scale, inked a deal with WeWork, honored an incredible group of women and allies at the Champion Awards gala, and successfully completed its second Ready, Set, Raise Accelerator cohort—which collectively raised $2.7M and counting. We’ve […]

I'm a marketing leader & a millennial mom. Want me to work for you? Give me flexibility.

This post was originally published by Stephanie Chacharon on LinkedIn. Two things are true: I love my work. And I’m an amazing mom. Those truths don’t have to be at odds with each other. But for me, something’s got to give with the traditional 9 to 5 employment model. If you want to keep me—and […]

Work + fulfillment

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. Last week I was privileged to travel to Palm Desert to attend the 2019 Global Annual Meeting of EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women—a program that now includes 500 women entrepreneurs from around the world. To say it was inspiring would be a serious understatement. Lisa Schiffman, […]

5 Tips For Successfully Managing Remote Employees

This post was originally published by Lisa Hufford on LinkedIn. It’s #WorkFromAnywhere Week (thanks for the head’s up, Career Contessa), which is as good a time as any to talk about remote work. In this business, I spend a lot of time talking with leaders and hiring managers about the future of work. And for […]

GeekWire Summit 2019

The GeekWire Summit did not disappoint. We learned. We laughed. We met some of our local heroes. And we left feeling inspired by the future of tech and the incredible talent and innovation in our region. Here are a few of our favorite moments from the event: On leadership Thursday’s conversation with UW president Ana […]

Tech Impact Awards 2019

We’re honored to receive a Tech Impact Award alongside our region’s top tech leaders like DreamBox Learning, Smartsheet, TomboyX, The Riveter, and Zipwhip. One of the PNW's most distinguished tech honors, the Tech Impact Awards recognize companies in Washington state that are using technology to have a significant impact on business, industry, or society. 12. […]

Better together: 5 takeaways from TalentConnect 2019

Our heads are still swirling with stats, strategies, and inspiration from TalentConnect. We joined 4,600 members of the global talent community in Dallas, Texas, in pursuit of our shared goals of building winning teams and changing people’s lives. LinkedIn won our hearts with the Texas-sized welcome (and personalized bandanas), and the presenters moved our hearts […]

(un)Gala at a glance

Team Simplicity recently attended the UW Bothell School of Business' annual (un)Gala. It was a celebration of the people who make the school great, and a chance to hear from alums and students on how the program has shaped their lives. We're proud to support the school and proud of our CEO & founder, Lisa […]

How to bring your event to life with a team of experts

Events are essential to an effective marketing strategy. Nearly 90% of execs plan to grow their event budgets in the next year, and 30% of marketers believe that events are the most important marketing channel. Whether online (webinar, virtual summit, live stream, etc) or physical (conference, tradeshow, seminar, workshop, or breakfast/lunch/dinner), events drive brand awareness, […]

13 Years of Simplicity

Simplicity turns 13 today. Our founder and CEO, Lisa Hufford, reflected on where we've been—and where we're going. Read her LinkedIn article: Grateful & Inspired. Thanks to everyone who made Simplicity what it is today. Cheers to 13! #WeAreSimplicity

Daring Woman Lisa Hufford

We love daring women. We religiously follow Seattle Business magazine's Daring Women series—featuring local inspirations like the Riveter's Amy Nelson and DreamBox Learning's Jessie Woolley-Wilson—and we were a proud sponsor of this year's Daring Women event. So we were thrilled when our own Lisa Hufford, Simplicity CEO and founder, was featured in the Daring Women […]

Here's why we're supporting FFA

This year, we're funding a pro bono marketing resource for the Female Founders Alliance (FFA). Learn why, from our founder Lisa Hufford, in this excerpt from the FFA blog: "I became involved with Female Founders Alliance as a mentor last year for its inaugural Ready Set Raise accelerator. This year, I’m honored to be a […]

Building your on-demand team: low-risk and flexible

“This new structure allows team members to focus on leveraging their unique set of expertise to deliver greater results…” Michael, like many managers, is in meetings almost every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and triple-booked much of the time. Michael is a rising star in the company and is highly valued by executives […]

New year, new opportunity: embracing the talent shift, are you ready?

In 2018, we can expect even more change and acceleration of pace in workplaces everywhere. In my first post in this series, I explored how companies everywhere are facing what leaders are calling the “Digital Imperative”—transform your business with digital speed, scale, and value, or else. Our rapidly-changing Digital Economy has created a sharp increase […]

Here to stay: the on-demand workforce and "The fourth industrial revolution"

With pressure on corporations to move fast, drive innovation, control costs, and get results, the On-demand Workforce is here to stay. Increasingly, companies are rethinking how they get the job done—fast and right. The good news is America’s got talent, and if you’re experienced, ambitious, and agile, it’s good to be you. It’s a seller’s […]

Jumping into the talent pool: every company wants the best

Companies must embrace the reality that the best and brightest most likely won’t want to be on your team unless you update your talent strategy. If you brought together a group of CEOs, industry leaders, and visionaries to brainstorm about how to achieve success, it would be unanimous that without great talent there can be […]

Navigating the talent shift in the digital transformation era

Today, companies everywhere are facing what leaders are calling the “Digital Imperative”—transform your business with digital speed, scale, and value, or else. Our rapidly-changing Digital Economy has created a sharp increase in need for a new kind of corporate agility: an On-demand Workforce that is transforming the way the world does business. The question is, […]

Why SPEED works: get ready for project-based, on-demand success

The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. Change is the only thing that is certain in work and life, and there’s no end to the changes occurring in the workplace and workforce. The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. But, like […]

Execute: Set & meet expectations

Setting and meeting expectations is key to successful project execution. Now that you have selected your consultant, set the project up for successful execution by documenting the project deliverables in a Statement of Work (SOW), onboarding the consultant, and integrating them into your team. Statement of work The Statement of Work is a high level, […]

Evaluate project metrics

The Evaluate phase is critical to ensuring that the work is getting done as agreed upon in the statement of work (SOW). Creating metrics is key to understanding if your investment is generating the intended ROI. It is also an early warning system to get ahead of possible issues… Once the consultant is on board, […]

The on-demand workforce: agile, adaptable, accountable

Because businesses increasingly are required to do more with less, companies large and small are beginning to see the critical need for project-based, on-demand teams to drive business outcomes. One of my favorite business books is Jim Collins’ classic bestseller Good to Great. He gets right to the heart of what causes workplace transformation: “The […]

The SPEED solution: delivering at the speed of digital

SPEED is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success. Several years ago, my team invented a new approach to work. SPEED stands for Success, Plan, Execute, Evaluate and Decide. It changes the way most managers traditionally look at things. First and foremost, SPEED enables […]

The talent shift mindset and project-based approach

The old “work for one business until you retire” mentality is no longer realistic, even feasible, for the modern workplace. Since 2006 when I started my company, I’ve seen how agility and outside-the-box thinking has enabled some organizations to stay competitive and drive innovation in impressive ways, and has accelerated their business results and allowed […]

The new work landscape and the digital drive to compete

A lot is happening, and happening fast. The big question: How will companies compete in this new economy? Across the planet, companies everywhere are working to adapt to the speed and demands of Digital Transformation. There is—what BCG calls—a Digital Imperative to take action. In fact, things are happening so fast there isn’t one current, […]

Plan: Create your project description

Now that you've identified what success looks like, it's time to kick off the planning process. In the plan phase, you'll gain clarify on how to meet your business objectives and fill the talent gap on your team. Project description To begin the planning process, you will first need to craft a project description that […]

Success: Set the foundation for your on-demand team

The first step of creating an on-demand team using the proven SPEED methodology is Success. Let's start by identifying your most important outcome. You likely have many needs and goals, but by focusing on one main project you gain the clarity that will help to fast-track the process. You are much better off when you’re […]

Decide: Determine new or continuing project needs

Once your goals are met, it's time to decide if there are new or continuing project needs. When you achieve project goals, you feel empowered to tackle the next project in a faster and more efficient way. But first, you must decide whether the current project remains a priority. If it is, continue the work […]

Simplicity Diversity Pledge

We pledge to:

  • Support BIPOC in activating and expanding their professional networks
  • Help BIPOC find meaningful work in marketing, communications, and business management roles

We invite clients and consultants to join us in an effort to help close the network gap and support BIPOC.

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