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At Simplicity, our approach to diversity and inclusion is rooted in helping everyone thrive in our new world of work. We strive to build and cultivate a culture of connection and belonging where everyone is empowered to make an impact. We are committed to developing a diverse workforce of exceptional talent to catalyze heroic success - for our clients, our consultants, and our community.

Why choose Simplicity?

Find Meaningful Work.

You're an expert—we want to help make you shine. We put your skills and expertise to work by pairing you with high-impact projects, at the right rate, that help our region’s most innovative companies reach and exceed their goals.

Work flexibly.

Do the work you love, however you love to do it. We’re here to help you find success and give you the flexibility and autonomy to balance impactful work with your personal life.

Join a supportive community.

Work, learn, and grow with our community of experts during our monthly sync calls, or in our private LinkedIn group. Our team provides the level of support that you need to feel engaged and connected. 

Get benefits.

We are committed to creating opportunities for learning and development, as well as an extensive resources library for our consultants.

You can also expect all of the perks and benefits of full-time employment, including health insurance, 401(k), and PTO.



"The Simplicity team does a wonderful job helping you find your ideal working situation. They find you a place to shine."

- Simplicity Consultant

There are two ways our consultants work with Simplicity

1. Simplicity Represented: we bring the project to you

Our talent managers work with you to understand your strengths, goals, and ideal role, and connect you with the right project at the right rate for your skills and expertise; advocate on your behalf; and maintain a consistent pipeline of work. If the roles on our jobs board aren't up your alley, create your profile with us by filling out the application so we can consider you for future opportunities that come in!

2. Self-Represented: you bring your project to us

Why go it alone? Focus on doing what you do best, adding value to your client. This model is for consultants who have strong networks, find their own projects and need to work through an existing approved supplier at a corporation or prefer to outsource managing the back office functions of consulting. If you're interested in becoming a self-rep, please use this form to let us know!

Whether you’re Simplicity- or Self-Represented, we provide all the perks and benefits of full-time employment, including health benefits, 401k with employer match, and PTO - along with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals and frequent learning and development. Also, we work with business owners as subcontractors. We do all the heavy lifting of maintaining corporate supplier status including multiple insurance policies, GDPR requirements, Corporate Social Responsibility, invoicing and timely, accurate payment.

Ready to join us? Here's how!

To match you with the best possible role, we'll need to reach beyond the bullets on your resume and learn what kind of work lights you up, what you've learned from your past experience, and where you'd like your career to take you - your personal brand. We highly recommend watching the short playlist below and working through the personal brand playbook before you apply, especially if you're coming to marketing consulting from a different industry or sector. The exercises will help you learn how to frame your transferrable skills and translate your expertise so we can put your best foot forward with our clients.

Define, then activate your personal brand

It all starts with building your personal brand, and we've curated a special, 3-video playlist just for you. Watch and learn how to define your personal brand, tell your story consistently, and leverage all of your personal brand goodness to master networking!

Just like the Nike brand is about performance and Amazon is about convenience and customer-service, there is a unique way others describe you. By intentionally clarifying and shaping your personal brand you can elevate your career profile, boost your job prospects and have a stronger sense of self - and stand out in a crowd. 

Download Lisa's free Personal Brand playbook below. This insightful guide will lead you through five steps to help YOU shape your personal brand. We promise, it'll help you increase your confidence, credibility and professional success. This is a tried and true branding approach that will show you how to position yourself in the market place in a way that is unique to you. Don't forget to update your CV and LinkedIn!

Click to download the Personal Brand Playbook

Still have questions? Read on to find the answers!

Our enterprise clients look for consultants with expertise and a proven track record in Project and Program Management and Strategic Marketing Communications.

Project and Program Management deals with optimizing processes for our clients. In these roles, a consultant might focus on Product Marketing, Campaigns & Events, Retail Marketing, Go To Market, and Community Building and Management.

Our communications roles are all about brand building and storytelling. Simplicity consultants have focused on Executive Communications, Content Creation & Strategy, Internal and External Communications, and Change Management.


Thank you for submitting your application! We greatly appreciate you taking the first step in our screening process. Once our talent team has reviewed your submission, we will activate your profile (internally) which will kick off a series of value-based emails designed to help you up your game as a consultant, with particular focus on identifying and igniting your personal brand. We encourage you to read and take action with this content while our team evaluates opportunities that match your skills, qualifications and requirements.

Please note that we receive a high volume of submissions, and we will only contact you if/when we have a project that aligns with your specific skills and experience.

We coach our clients to turn business goals into well-defined projects, which range from three months to multi-year contracts. As your project nears completion, our team focuses on finding you your next project, whether it’s an extension of your existing project or a new opportunity with a different client. While we try our best to help you maintain a consistent pipeline of work, we do not have a “bench” and your benefits conclude at month-end if you do not secure a follow-on project. Projects are deliverable-based. We pay our employees a monthly salary, not an hourly bill rate.

Yes! Please visit our jobs board regularly to see our open projects.

At Simplicity, we encourage working sessions, not interviews. They give our clients a chance to have a conversation with you about their specific business needs; and rather than simply regurgitating your resume and complete work history, they give you an opportunity to demonstrate how you think and communicate. Clients want to know how you are going to make an immediate impact in their business: use this 30-minute session to tell them how you will do that based on your track record.

Simplicity Consulting is set up as an employer in the following states:

  • Washington
  • California
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Idaho
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • South Carolina
  • Illinois
  • Virginia

If you live in a state where we are not an employer, please submit your application anyway - if you're a good match for one of our open roles, we can expedite our employer status in the state where you reside.

Yes, we accept 1099 subcontractors as long as they abide by Simplicity’s subcontractor policy. Key points include, a subcontractor must be set up as a LLC, S, or C-Corporation and have an EIN. They must use their own equipment and applicable software (i.e., office 365). They must have an established business, have multiple clients and regularly maintain a set of books dedicated to the expenses and earnings of its business.