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Consulting Best Practices: How to Boost Your Impact with Clients

Consulting is a rewarding and fulfilling career that provides plenty of room for personal and professional growth, autonomy, and the ability to build a powerful professional network. But consulting also requires a high level of expertise and skill to be successful. 

Whether you’re getting your start or you’re already a seasoned consultant, there are several consulting best practices that can help you maximize your impact and help your clients achieve their most pressing goals. 

Here are six consulting best practices to help you achieve success in the marketing, communications, program and project management spaces.


One of the most important consulting best practices is the ability to understand (and sometimes anticipate) your clients’ needs. This requires you to take the time to listen to your clients so that you can fully understand their unique goals and challenges. 

This level of understanding will help you develop better solutions that meet their specific needs – and in doing so – add real value to their organization. 

You’ll also want to establish clear communication channels, including regular check-ins and status updates so that you can continue to understand your clients’ evolving priorities and pain points.

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As a consultant, your clients look to you to deliver guidance and results. So, to be your most effective you need to be hyper-focused on achieving solid, measurable outcomes for your clients. This consulting best practice involves setting crystal-clear objectives, developing detailed project outlines, communicating with clarity at every touchpoint, and executing each plan with accuracy.

It is also important to consistently track progress and measure results so you can identify potential areas for improvement.


Relationship-building is a cornerstone of becoming a successful consultant. To do this, you must build trust and rapport, demonstrate your expertise, and provide continuous value to your clients. Focusing on this consulting best practice will help you establish a reputation as an invaluable advisor and significantly increase your chances of securing repeat business. 


The world of marketing, communications, project, and program management consulting is continuously advancing. As such, investing in your own professional development by seeking out opportunities to learn and grow is a critical consulting best practice. 

You can do this by attending industry conferences and webinars, participating in training and certification programs, reading as many industry resources as possible, and following other experts in your field – just to name a few.  


As a consultant, you will work with various teams of other professionals, including clients, colleagues, and subject matter experts. When working with a range of stakeholders across teams, you will need to be able to collaborate effectively to build consensus and generate buy-in around key decisions. Solid communication skills, including active listening skills, are critical.


Always maintaining a high level of confidentiality to protect client information and adhering to a strict professional code of conduct is an essential consulting best practice. By maintaining top-notch ethical standards, you can earn a reputation as a trusted advisor and build long-lasting relationships. 


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