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Daring Woman Lisa Hufford

We love daring women.

We religiously follow Seattle Business magazine's Daring Women series—featuring local inspirations like the Riveter's Amy Nelson and DreamBox Learning's Jessie Woolley-Wilson—and we were a proud sponsor of this year's Daring Women event.

So we were thrilled when our own Lisa Hufford, Simplicity CEO and founder, was featured in the Daring Women series. In her profile, Lisa talks leadership, confidence, personal brand, and the importance of building relationships.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways:

  • On humility: "Good leaders … have the humility to surround themselves with experts who fill their gaps and lift them up, along with empathy, integrity and the perseverance to continue even when the obstacles feel insurmountable."
  • On advice for the generation of female leaders: "Number two: You’re not expected to know it all, so just take that monkey off your back. But you are expected to be engaged, interested and motivated. You can’t fake passion for your work, and without that, you’ll feel drained and dissatisfied, which isn’t good for you or your company."
  • Less networking. More relationship building: "I focus on adding value to every interaction and giving without expecting to receive in return. I encourage people to build relationships whenever possible. Get coffee, take meetings, lend a hand, share your expertise. It all comes back around, especially in this town."
    Check out the full interview with Lisa at Seattle Business magazine.

Check out the full interview with Lisa at Seattle Business magazine.

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