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Decide: Determine new or continuing project needs

Once your goals are met, it's time to decide if there are new or continuing project needs.

When you achieve project goals, you feel empowered to tackle the next project in a faster and more efficient way. But first, you must decide whether the current project remains a priority. If it is, continue the work and bring on additional resources as needed. If not, decide if the consultant has the skillset needed to help with the next project.

Things to consider once the initial goals have been met:

  • Review the metrics and trends – are you achieving your intended metrics?
  • Evaluate your goals – are the goals still the priority?
  • Decide on alternatives – are their alternative paths to pursue in achieving the business goal?

These informed decisions are important, so take time to reflect on the next course of action. Decision-making is arguably the most challenging and exhausting part of a manager’s job. As business cycles accelerate, making thoughtful decisions are crucial.

Reflection questions

  • Are the project results still relevant to the business?
  • Do we need to evolve the project goals to better align with any business changes?
  • Have the business needs changed and this project is not needed anymore?
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