Homepage Hero: Telain W.

Sara LeHoullier
October 7, 2021

Telain W.
Writer | Executive Communications and Public Affairs

Throughout my career, I have positioned brands and successfully marketed, communicated, and promoted new products, services, causes, initiatives, and executives in uniquely creative, cost-saving ways that yielded lasting customer, partner, employee, and community connections. The arc of my career spans working in large corporations, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and working as a consultant and a contract employee. Although the roles and environments changed a lot over time, a constant was the value I brought to each position. 

I approached each job with a "Day 1" mentality and an intentional choice to deliver excellence, while learning new skills that would be transferable in the future. The journey equipped me for my current role as a Simplicity Consultant. Currently, I am working as a writer and content creator at Tableau.

My work mantra is: Deliver results daily. Add to current and long-term success. Be significant.

I hope everyone can do the work they love in supportive environments where they thrive. Find Your Happy!

Feeling inspired to become a consultant like Telain? We are always looking for highly skilled writers, so if you think consulting could be a fit for you, please visit our consulting page to start the process!