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Homepage Hero: Kayleen W.

Kayleen W.
Digital Marketing Strategist | Scaled Analytics Insights Manager

I have a career background in advertising and digital media. I’ve helped small businesses, fortune 500 companies, and everything in between define their digital marketing strategy. After multiple FTE roles at different advertising agencies around Seattle, I found my way to consulting via an open contract on the Microsoft Global Advertising Business Team. I currently serve as the liaison between multiple departments including: Brand Marketing, Audience Marketing, and Analytics. I’m passionate about storytelling with data and using data-driven insights to craft strategic business decisions.

Consulting has given me the ability to really define my skillset and help my clients activate on their visions and goals.   

What makes me stand out? My ability to cross-communicate with multiple departments that have different goals and translate into one cohesive strategy that satisfies all partners is my strong suit. I believe if you show up every day with a curious mind, a bubbly personality, and a collaborative attitude – the opportunities are endless.

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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