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Homepage Hero: Sheryne Cadicamo

An interview with Sheryne Cadicamo
Director, Client Service and Success, Simplicity Consulting

Sara: Tell me about your career path - the journey that brought you here.

Sheryne: Well, there's the short answer, which is this: I have a long background in marketing. I bring an agency perspective as well as a consultant perspective, having been on various teams at Microsoft. I started as a producer at Microsoft Studios, where I gained a love of the Microsoft culture. That gave me the opportunity to strengthen my chops on the agency side - I helped agencies grow and build go-to-market plans, and then came back to consultant world and was represented by Simplicity!

The real answer is a little longer:

In my early 20’s, I took 13+ years off to raise my children and travel around the globe, following my partner's career. I remember a moment in Puerto Rico after giving up my role at MS Studios, sitting there bawling in a country where I couldn’t work, and I thought 'what am I doing with myself?' My entrepreneurial side rose up, and I started a photography business from scratch. So the whole time we were traveling around, I was working on this small business to fulfill the creative, entrepreneurial side of me, and I was able to wear all of the hats.

When I returned to my hometown of Seattle, I realized that I had to reinvent myself again. I figured it out - I networked and rediscovered key relationships from the past, and I ended up with a second career. I took an opportunity to be a producer at Zulily – it took about a year of being back in a traditional job to recognize that I had all of the skills I need plus more – that my experience of having kids and moving around, starting new communities wherever I went, continuing to grow my own business - the winding journey had given me the skills and the guts I needed for my next chapter.

I went back to Microsoft as a consultant, and remembered that part of me, that ability to thrive in a fast-paced tech environment - I found those capabilities resting inside of myself. When that role ended, I took the opportunity to be the publisher of a magazine, which I brought from zero to publication in 6 months (of cold-calling, thinking outside the box, getting super scrappy, and finding ways to resonate with my community).

When I met Carrie and saw her leadership, I was wowed by her entrepreneurial, fierce spirit. I recognized that all of my experiences weave together in a lovely way, making me an ideal person to be in this role with Simplicity. I'm able to add value here because I’ve been on the consultant and the agency side, because I understand the sales funnel, that client service and relationship and consultant relationship all come together to equal business growth.

Sara: I LOVE that story. I think it'll resonate with a lot of folks, especially those of us with nontraditional career paths (ahem, present company included). What’s the best part of working with Simplicity?

Sheryne: I’m energized by goals, and helping not only our consultants, but our team achieve those goals. Not all of our goals are business-related either - I'm at my best when I'm helping the consultants thrive, and empowering clients solve business problems. I love getting up every day and realizing that I have a new challenge or opportunity in front of me, which excites me, nothing is ever the same. And I love overcoming obstacles, and coaching our consultants and my team to do the same. I appreciate the culture that we're creating, that we have a team of people willing to work up their sleeves and dig in and help others - and I’m excited to keep building our community.

Sara: This leads perfectly into my next question: what are your superpowers?

Sheryne: I possess a unique combination of fearlessness and actionability – I’m not afraid of anything - let's go, this life is an adventure!

Sara: You're an amazing coach as well - you have an incredible ability to bring the best out in people and bring cheer and energy into a room! OK, last question: what advice do you have for someone who is interested in becoming a consultant?

Sheryne: Have a consultative approach. Your client is looking to you as the expert doer. It's important to shift your mindset; you don't work for a manager, you work with a client – what you have to say is valid and important, and you need to show up with what you have to offer. As a consultant, your clients value your opinion, your point of view. Don’t hesitate to lean into your skill, and remember that no one has all of the answers, but you can add value by saying 'I can find out,' instead of 'I don't know'.

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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