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Tracey White homepage hero

Homepage Hero: Tracey White

We loved learning about the incredible work Tracey put into this year's Tableau Conference - and it looks like she had a blast!

Would you tell us a little bit about your current role?

I am a Graphic Designer on the Global Brand Creative Marketing team at Tableau at Salesforce. I collaborate with and support Art Directors and the creative team to create a visual design, UX design, and environmental design for digital advertising, social media posts, web landing pages, virtual events, conferences, event spaces, and more. Most recently, I helped bring the annual Tableau Conference to life online and in person. 

What do you enjoy about consulting?

I enjoy engaging with incredible companies that appreciate my talent and expertise. At this stage in my career, and as a working mother, consulting allows me to do exactly what I want. It provides me with the opportunity to take on challenging projects, and work closely with talented and diverse teams, all while supporting the balance I need. As a consultant, I don't have to choose between my family and a successful career.

Tracey at the Tableau Conference in 2022

What advice would you give to someone who is considering consulting as a career path?

Consulting has been one of the best decisions of my career. If you want to use your skillset to help your clients be successful, I highly encourage everyone to try consulting! Lean on a supportive community like Simplicity that's eager to provide connections and resources to help you thrive on your personal journey.

Interested in a consulting career with Simplicity?

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