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Homepage Heroes: LaShunte Portrey, Director of Talent Acquisition and Engagement

I had a difficult time conceiving of the best way to introduce this conversation with LaShunte because she is amazing in so many ways. We can't imagine our team without her, and her thoughtful wisdom and passion for continual learning brings incredible depth to all of our discussions. It is a true pleasure to share this with you.

Sara: Tell me a little bit about your role here.

LaShunte: As the Director of Talent Acquisition & Engagement, the joy of my work is co-creating spaces of belonging in the workplace based on a foundation of diverse and inclusive talent acquisition practices. I define and drive Simplicity Consulting's talent acquisition strategy, supporting our company's growth through a human-powered recruiting model.

Sara: Tell me about your journey- what has your career path been like?

LaShunte: Growing up in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to experience cultures, languages, and identities from around the world, so I really got a sense of what it means to build a bigger table. Over the years, my leadership roles in non-profits and global recruiting have positioned me to drive social change for historically marginalized communities, like my own. As a relationship builder, I thrive in talent acquisition because it's about finding ways to see people more fully.

Sara: So, why Simplicity? 

LaShunte: My support network helped me do the work to clarify my core values and I found Simplicity at just the right time. Throughout the interview process, I knew the vision for my role was the optimal bridge between my professional skills and lifelong calling. 

Sara: What do you love about working with us?

LaShunte: It's the talent community for me! Being able to empower others to shine as they take ownership of their career journey is very fulfilling to me. And it is our mission to reach even more people. We are relaunching Simplicity's Diversity Pledge, which is about leveraging our circle of influence to close the network gap for women and BIPOC communities. It's an honor to work alongside such a dedicated leadership team to drive company-wide change. 

Sara: Why do you think professionals should choose Simplicity? 

LaShunte: Our annual consultant surveys reveal that we deliver a consistent candidate experience where people know they matter. Our mission is to help everyone thrive in this new world of work, so we lead with empathy at each stage of the recruitment process. Beyond matching people with roles at top companies doing the work they love, we take care of our talent community. If you're looking for personal brand coaching, advocacy, professional development resources, and work-life balance, then we invite you to learn more about consulting opportunities with us. 

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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