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Homepage Heroes: Markelle Rich

Markelle is a Senior Talent Manager here at Simplicity - she's truly the bee's knees. She spearheads and leads our Connect sessions, which give prospective consultants a chance to learn about Simplicity while the Talent Team gets to learn about them and what they're looking for in their next project, so we can match them up to the right client.

Sara: Tell me a little bit about your journey - how did you get here?

Markelle: While I was a fulltime student at UW Bothell, I held 4 jobs. I worked at an insurance agency (first as a social media intern, then hired on as a college recruiter), I nannied, I taught horseback riding lessons, and I was a barista. A good friend and mentor - a Microsoft Alum that I met in my coffee shop in Redmond - connected me to University Recruiting at Microsoft – and that was my first job out of college. As a staffing associate, I worked with recruiters, planned on-campus engagements and meet-the-company events, and planned summer internship events for MBAs. It was a great mixture of event planning and coordination. After a little while, I moved over to Expedia on contract, and was subsequently snatched up by the University Recruiting team there to do same things I did at Microsoft, plus interviewing and much more. Then I was lucky enough to find Simplicity, and after 3.5 years, I can honestly say I've learned everything. I had worked with recruiters before, but had never been a recruiter myself, and I love it.

Sara: What advice do you have to consultants - and potential consultants - who are getting ready to meet with you or another member of the Talent team?

Markelle: What we're looking for is positive energy, passion for the work that they’ve done, and insight into what kind of work they're looking to do next! When you talk to our team, it's not a formal interview (we prep you for your working sessions once we line up those interviews for you) - it's a chance for us to learn your personality so we can find the best match for you. So just be yourself!

Sara: What do you like about working with Simplicity?

Markelle: I love the relationship-building piece. I adore getting to know our consultants, and sharing their stories with our clients, and helping them get onto a project where they’ll be super excited about their work. I’ve met people who have been out of the workforce for 10 years raising children, and I’ve helped them find work at Microsoft – and that is so rewarding! Not to mention, the team is so amazing, the leadership is great, and we all work so closely together, we inspire each other every day!

Sara: What would you say is one of your superpowers?

Markelle: I've been told that I'm very even-keeled and calm (Sara: she's cool as a cucumber). It's important for me to remember to breathe; we're empowering people to find work that they love on their own terms, not doing heart surgery. Every problem has a solution, and we're in this together!

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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