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Homepage Heroes: Martha Brent

Martha is one of our senior consultants - like many in our community, she brings her experience as an FTE into her roles with Simplicity, and we're so glad took the time to chat with us!

Sara: Tell me a little bit about the path that brought you to Simplicity!

Martha: If I look back, I can see three main forks in the trail that led me here. Early in my career, I sought the perfect FTE spot to grow, advance, and retire. That aspiration was disrupted by tons of turbulence in the telecom industry – mergers, acquisitions, and constant change. When I shifted to being an FTE at Microsoft, transformation and change were part of the culture and I adapted to that. Following a re-org, I took a chance on a consulting gig, to tide me over while I planned my next move. Much to my surprise, that side path opened up to huge possibilities. Instead of feeling like a temp, I became empowered to select roles that suited my skills and preferences. The third shift occurred when I realized that being in the right firm positioned me better to find the best gigs for me. That’s what led me to me to Simplicity.

Sara: What role are you doing right now?

Martha: Up to now, I’ve worked all over Microsoft but never in office of the CMO, which is where I am now. I was really attracted to being inside the marketing office, and it's fun to experience all of the tools and processes there. Also, this is a part-time role, so I now have the flexibility and time to do my board work, prioritize exercise and self-care, volunteer at the food bank, and have fun. I can be independent and have a great career at the same time. I will say that it was a little bit difficult to choose part-time instead of full-time, because I'm hard-wired to work, but allowing myself to ease into this new lifestyle has been an interesting challenge!

Sara: What are some of your favorite things about consulting - and with Simplicity in particular?

Martha: I like the control and the focus I get to maintain on doing what I do, very well. Simplicity has a great support system with recruiters and operational support. Most of my time and focus get to remain on my work and my client’s goals. I also like that it’s a women-owned business with an excellent reputation and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. I love knowing that I'm working with a team that works as hard as me.

Sara: What would you say to someone who's considering becoming a consultant but they're not sure it's for them?

Martha: Hmm… I would say, jump in. It’s a very low risk investment in yourself. You may find, like me, that what you thought was a little side path is actually your highway to more freedom, flexibility, and career growth. I would definitely tell them to research the firm they join to make sure its market specialties align to their own or where they aspire to be.

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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