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Homepage Heroes: Michael Ucci

Michael is our newest addition to the HQ team here at Simplicity. He recently joined us as a Client Success Associate, and we could not be more pleased to welcome him to our community!

Sara: Tell me a little bit about your journey - how did you get here?

Michael: I have worked in Higher Education for the past 10 years. I did my undergrad at Penn State, then headed to the University of West Georgia to get my Masters in Education and professional counseling, with a focus in college student affairs. I knew that I wanted to go into higher ed and help students succeed and graduate, the same way that I had been supported by many amazing student affairs professionals. I loved it, but I knew I could be doing so much more - I wasn't using my full skill set. Then, LaShunte posted the CSA job in a Facebook group for higher education professionals that I was in, and I started reading the job description. As I read the first bullet point, I thought, oh, that sounds like me. And then the second bullet point: that is me. And so on...

Sara: And the rest is history!

Michael: It was kismet to be honest, because I wasn't necessarily job searching. I was keeping my eye on things, but this seemed meant to be.

Sara: How did you know Simplicity would be the right fit for you?

Michael: From my very first interview, everything went really smoothly. I had so many amazing conversations - with Erin, then Sheryne and Michelle (who also went to Penn State, we found out!). When I met with Carrie, we discussed how my focus in higher ed had always been on the student experience and how I could help them achieve success - that focus naturally translates into what we do at Simplicity in terms of customer success.

Sara: So now you've been here for a week - what do you think so far?

Michael: Honestly, I'm awed every day by the people. Our HQ team, clients, and consultants amaze me. Everyone is such a go getter, but also very authentic and honest, and they really care! When they offer to help me - or our clients or consultants - I know they genuinely mean it.

Sara: What's one of your superpowers? I'm sure you have many!

Michael: I would say that my superpower is bringing people together, and making sure that everyone around the table has an equal opportunity to use their voice.

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