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Homepage Heroes: Mindy, Xbox Lifestyles & Pop Culture Marketing

Mindy's career path has been eventful to say the least - from full-time at Microsoft to SAHM to a bustling ER and back again, she's taken some really exciting leaps and figured out how to work her way! This conversation was so entertaining, and we're so thrilled to have Mindy in a dream role.

Sara: It's so great to chat with you today - thanks for taking the time! Tell me a little bit about your current role.

Mindy: For the past year and a half, I’ve been half of a two-person team, and we represent pop culture and lifestyles with Xbox. Our focus is on marketing to talent, celebrities, athletes (all sports – college and professionals), movie stars, pop music artists, to engage and entertain folks from around 17 to mid 20s.

We work directly with the celebrities, and with the movies, and different artists, and managers to get Xbox into their hands – not just to give them Xbox, but we want them to promote it on social and showcase it in fun and creative ways. For example, we worked with Ryan Reynolds when the movie Free Guy was being created, and with Disney to place Xbox within the movie. In fact, there are a bunch of different easter eggs in the movie that are Xbox-specific! Then we worked to promote Xbox outside, at the premier, and did giveaways with Free Guy custom consoles and kits that Ryan unboxed on social media.

We have also worked with The Rock – he ticks the boxes for all ages – he’s someone we work with a lot because he’s so invested with our team specifically - we coordinate with him on his work to support terminally ill and foster kids – and of course we promote his movies.

We also sponsored five NBA basketball teams – I was part of working the sponsors and the deals – and our team gets to plan the Xbox takeover days. We recently took over the Lakers Game and created special kits with a Halo 117 Jersey, we sold 117 kits with custom controllers - it was so fun. I get to help come up with those ideas, then work with vendors to create the kit and bring them to life, and go out to publicly see it through.

I've had so much fun learning absolutely everything about Xbox – I love the promoting, collaborating, and coordinating that it takes to see these projects through!

Sara: That sounds utterly amazing. I'm jealous! I'd love to know more about the path that brought you here.

Mindy: I worked at Microsoft from 1992 until 2005 – I left when I had my third child. I was going to be a SAHM, and after 6 months, I was going a little bananas, so I took over the soccer club, which was really fun (and I actually did that for 15 years). When my oldest daughter was going to college, I realized that I loved adding value somewhere, having time outside of my home, and I started to imagine what I would want to do next. At that time, I either wanted to deliver babies or drive an ambulance. I also love the ER, so I decided to find a job in the ER that I could do, so I went to Overlake and I became a per diem head unit coordinator, which is the person who sits in the middle of the ER as the hub. They place all patients in their rooms, manage the floor of the ER, and work with the head doctor and head nurse. From incoming patients to every ambulance, medic, I was in charge of coordinating all of that. I didn’t have to have medical training but my business training and people management skills definitely came in handy. This was the fast-paced exciting opportunity I had been craving, and I could pick and choose my schedule. I did that for 4 years until last year, and it was brilliant. Before COVID hit, I kept talking with husband about going back to Microsoft – being a part of that kind of fast-paced environment – but I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and we started talking about consulting, so decided to dip my toe in. I took a part-time project and it was managing the budget and finances for this team, and then I realized I LOVE THIS. So, we talked to the team about supporting marketing and lifestyles, and I was able to step right in! 

This role changes every day. Since there’s no end to the project, I hope I get to support the team forever. My word for this year is pivot – being flexible and keeping our palms open is important.

Sara: So true. What do you like about consulting with Simplicity?

Mindy: I’ve only consulted with Simplicity, so they set the bar really high. I love the flexibility that it lends, and I feel supported in my role – I feel the flexibility with my time and my hours, and I the of comfort knowing that I have a team that has my back as needed.

Sara: I felt that way too when I was consulting. What would you say to someone who's considering becoming a consultant?

Mindy: You have nothing to lose if you try. Dip your toe in, there’s literally nothing to lose except not trying. You can always say no if a project comes up and you’re not interested. You have the power to decide for yourself.

Are you interested in the consultant lifestyle? Please visit our consulting page to learn more and start the journey!

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