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How and Why to Hire a UX Design Consultant

Looking to hire a UX design consultant? Join the club.

It's no surprise that UX designers are in strong demand. UX designers play an integral role in helping companies develop digital products and services that offer a positive and enjoyable user experience. In an interactive world that’s all about “engagement,” having a highly skilled UX design consultant on your team can be a key differentiator.

Here are tips on how to hire a UX design consultant:


Whether working on a website, app or other interactive product, UX design consultants focus on creating user experiences that are both intuitive and effective. To accomplish this, they bring together a combination of design principles, technology, psychology and market research.

A consultant works closely with clients to analyze and assess their current UX design, and then craft smart strategies to optimize UX efforts based on the organization’s specific goals. In short, UX design consultants help companies create digital products that look great, but also lead to increased engagement, greater customer satisfaction and higher sales.

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By understanding the objectives of their target audience, skilled UX design consultants understand how to connect people to technology through thoughtful, user-centric designs.

There are several key skills and attributes to look for in a prospective UX design consultant. First and foremost, a UX design consultant needs standout problem-solving prowess. They should be able to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement within an existing user experience. And they should have the creative vision to develop innovative solutions that enhance usability and engagement.

Elevated communication abilities are also essential for success in UX design consulting. A consultant should be able to communicate clearly with cross-functional teams comprised of both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Clearly communicating the “why” behind design decisions throughout the process is critical.

The ability to understand the business objectives of a project while also empathizing with target audiences is key. Ultimately, a UX design consultant should do two things: drive meaningful results that boost the bottom line while helping (and even delighting) users along the way.


When hiring a UX design consultant, it’s important to ask the right questions during the interview process. Here are 12 questions to consider:

  1. What techniques do you employ to ensure an intuitive user experience?
  2. What adjectives would you use to describe the approach you take when designing a user interface?
  3. Can you outline your process for creating wireframes, from ideation through delivery of the final product?
  4. What steps do you take to validate your design choices?
  5. Have you ever encountered a situation in which user feedback led to an unexpected outcome with your design strategy? If so, how did you adjust your approach?
  6. Can you describe a time when you had to present your design to a group of stakeholders and how you handled any feedback or objections?
  7. Have you ever been asked to compromise on a smart design decision in order to meet a client’s request? How did you navigate that discussion?
  8. How do you prioritize tasks when dealing with multiple projects and tight deadlines?
  9. Have you ever been part of a project where user research was not sufficiently considered in the design process? How did that impact your work?
  10. How do you ensure the designs you create are accessible to all users?
  11. Describe your UX design project that was most successful. How did it help the client?
  12. What do you find most rewarding about working in UX design?


Pay attention to portfolios. Carefully review the work samples of each UX consultant to get an idea of their design style and process. You might even request additional samples of any UX documentation they have produced, including user personas, user stories and site maps.

As you assess the overall quality and style of the design, consider the following questions. Does the portfolio show range and attention to detail? Are the concepts unique? Do the design solutions make sense given the user’s context? Are accessibility guidelines followed? Does the design seem on-brand?


At Simplicity Consulting, we take the guesswork out of hiring consultants, saving your business both time and money. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly match our clients with top-tier UX design consultants. Our network of UX experts is vast and ever-growing, ensuring that we have access to highly skilled, versatile user experience experts.

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that every step of the process is seamless and stress-free for our clients. We will work closely with you to create a detailed project outline, taking the time to understand your unique UX needs and requirements. From there, we create a shortlist of consultant candidates, giving you the opportunity to choose the best person for your needs.

Once you've selected a UX design consultant, you'll be assigned a dedicated client success manager who will ensure that your experience is a success from kickoff to final product delivery.

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