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The Benefits of Hiring an Internal Communications Consultant

An effective internal communications strategy is critical to fostering a positive work environment, keeping employees informed and engaged, and driving productivity and efficiency among your teams. However, crafting and executing such a strategy can be a complex and time-consuming process. This is where an internal communications consultant can be invaluable, bringing their expertise to create new systems or improve existing ones. With their specialized skills – and outside perspective – you can ensure your internal communication streams are operating like a well-oiled machine, leading to a more connected, informed, and loyal workforce.


Internal communications consultants can do many things, but the foundation of their work centers around identifying communication gaps, developing improved and effective messaging and making sure that messages are delivered to an organization’s employees and other stakeholders through the proper channels at the right time.

An internal communications consultant can also provide guidance and support to executives and managers about better communicating with their teams and implementing best practices.

Hiring an internal communications consultant?


There are countless ways an internal communications consultant can benefit your business – and working with an on-demand expert as opposed to a full-time employee is an excellent option if your company is in the midst of a hiring freeze or only has a short-term need.

Here are five ways an internal communications consultant can help support your organization:

  1. Develop a detailed communication plan for upcoming change management: To ensure a smooth transition during significant organizational changes, developing a comprehensive communication plan is essential. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, executive leadership change, or large-scale technology implementation, an internal communications consultant can collaborate with senior leaders and HR teams to create a well-crafted plan that keeps employees informed and engaged. Adopting a thoughtful approach to change management messaging helps maintain a positive work environment and boosts employee buy-in.  
  2. Improve employee engagement: Internal communication consultants typically begin by conducting thorough research and analysis to identify areas for improvement. Equipped with these insights, they develop targeted strategies aimed at bolstering engagement and enhancing communication within the organization. This could involve a range of initiatives, from implementing an employee feedback program to creating an internal social media platform.
  3. Crisis communication planning: Internal communications consultants can be hired to develop crisis communication plans. This expert can assist you in identifying potential crises, selecting the most effective communication channels, and creating a set of templated messages that can be quickly deployed to employees in times of need.
  4. Design and manage communication channels: If your company needs assistance in getting your internal communications in order, a consultant can help in designing, launching, and managing channels such as an intranet site, company newsletter, or social media platform.
  5. Coach company leaders on communication techniques: Internal communication consultants are excellent resources for training executives and managers. These experts can provide coaching on communication techniques to help your organization's leaders get more comfortable communicating in writing, in video messages, or in-person presentations.


The first step in hiring an internal communications consultant is to carefully consider your organization's specific needs. Do you need someone to lead a critical short-term initiative or for a more extended period? Are you looking for someone to develop a high-level strategy and train your team members to take over? Or do you need someone to then also handle the design, implementation, writing, and editing?

Once you have your needs in order, it's time to review resumes, portfolios, and case studies of potential candidates. You'll want to look for consulting candidates with a proven track record of success in internal communications. In some cases, you may seek candidates who also have experience working in your industry, as they may better understand the nuances and challenges that you and your employees face.

When you have a group of potential candidates that seem like a good fit, you can move on to the interview process. Following are five potential interview questions you might ask each candidate:

  1. Can you provide a specific example of a successful internal communications plan you developed for a previous client? What made it so effective?
  2. How do you approach assessing the state of an organization's internal communications strategy and developing a plan to make it better?
  3. How do you measure the success of your internal communication efforts? What metrics do you track?
  4. Can you walk us through a change management scenario you’ve handled for a client?
  5. In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes companies make in their internal communications efforts? How do you help clients avoid these problems?


If bringing an internal communications consultant aboard your team seems like something your business could use, consider partnering with Simplicity!

Simplicity is a longstanding matchmaking expert, finding organizations the communications, marketing, program, and project management consultants they need to achieve their most pressing objectives. The team at Simplicity has access to a deep pool of consulting candidates with expertise in internal communications.

Simplicity works with you in every step of the hiring process, from creating a detailed project outline, sourcing candidates, setting up working sessions between you and potential internal communication consultants, and guiding you through the selection process. Once you find the consultant you need, you'll be paired with a dedicated client success manager who will ensure smooth sailing from Day One.

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