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How to Hire a Brand Consultant

Does your organization need branding help? Working with a brand consultant to help you understand what moves the needle with your target audience could be just what you need to take your business to the next level. A brand consultant is an expert in brand development and management that works with companies to cultivate, fine-tune, and grow their brand.

Looking for a brand consultant?

Whether you need a branding guru who can provide big-picture strategy insights or someone with a specialized area of focus, working with a brand consultant agency like Simplicity can help you streamline your search.


Before you begin your search, think through your unique needs. Do you need a complete branding overhaul? This might involve deep branding research, positioning development, and understanding the full customer journey. Or do you need insights into a specific area like branding creative and design where you primarily need to establish better visual cohesion across various platforms?

A brand consultant can help your organization with a variety of key ways, including researching industry trends, conducting brand health audits, strategizing brand architecture, developing and launching marketing campaigns, and optimizing external and internal communication channels to improve brand awareness and reach.

Once you have a full grasp of what you need from a brand consultant, think through your timeline and end goals. Do you need short-term help with the launch of a new product? Or are your needs more long-term regarding preserving brand health and integrity?


Brand consultants should be experts in their field, and while they may have a specific niche, they should be experienced in brand research, brand strategy, brand design, and brand management.

As you search for brand consultant candidates, here are some skills and attributes to look for:

  • Strong research and analytical skills used to identify and predict trends and challenges
  • Proven ability to extract meaningful information from consumer insight research 
  • Well-versed in leveraging a range of platforms and channels to build brand awareness
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively and strategically
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively

Once you’ve identified candidates for a brand consultant role, it’s time to set up an interview to learn more about their specific service offerings. Following are some questions to consider asking brand consultant candidates:

  • When you begin a brand research project, how do you decide what insights and metrics to target?
  • What is the biggest mistake a company can make when it comes to brand development and management?
  • What do you think our organization could gain from your skills and experience?
  • What are the most important steps an organization can take in preserving its brand health and integrity?
  • How have you helped a brand improve its reputation after a failed marketing campaign or lackluster product launch?
  • What are some of your favorite marketing campaigns and how did they improve brand awareness for the organization?

Just as important as how the candidate answers your questions will be what questions they ask of you. These queries should demonstrate a vested interest in your organization, your existing brand, and the success of the goals you’ve communicated to them.


Simplicity is a matchmaking expert, connecting clients with professionals in the Digital Marketing, Project and Program Management, and Communications spaces. We have access to a vast network of brand consultants with a proven track record of success.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients through every step of their journey. We will work with you to create a project outline to fully understand the level of skill and experience you need, compile a shortlist of brand consultants for you to choose from, and then set up working sessions between you and your chosen candidates to help you find the best fit possible. Once you’ve selected a brand consultant, you’ll work with one of our dedicated client success managers to ensure satisfaction from the consulting engagement kickoff through the delivery of the final products.

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