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How to Hire a Presentation Design Consultant

A well-designed presentation can be the key to effectively conveying your message, captivating your audience, and securing new business. But not everyone has keen presentation design capabilities, which is why a presentation design consultant can make such a significant impact. Whether your organization is looking to generally enhance its presentations or create a more tailored approach to current and future presentations – hiring a skilled presentation design consultant with expertise in creating visually engaging content can be a beneficial next step for your brand. Here’s what to look for in presentation design consultants, and how Simplicity can help you find the perfect match.


When hiring a presentation designer, it's essential to look for a combination of technical skills, creative abilities, and communication expertise. Here are some key skills to consider when evaluating presentation design consultants:

Graphic design proficiency: A strong foundation in graphic design principles is crucial. Look for consultants skilled in layout design, typography, visual elements, and composition.

Visual storytelling: A skilled consultant understands the art of visual storytelling. They can take your content and transform it into a narrative using compelling visual elements, helping to engage and captivate your audience throughout the presentation.

Need to hire a presentation design consultant?

Attention to detail: Presentation design requires meticulous attention to detail. Consultants should be able to align elements precisely, maintain consistent formatting, and ensure that each slide contributes to the overall coherence and impact of the presentation.

Communication skills: Effective communication is essential for understanding a client’s needs and conveying ideas back to your team. A presentation design consultant should be an active listener, ask relevant questions, and be able to articulate design decisions clearly.

Creativity and innovation: Look for consultants who bring creative and innovative ideas to the table. They should be able to conceptualize unique concepts that go beyond the ordinary, suggest new ways to present information, and offer ideas on how to leverage emerging AI and other tech tools to enhance and streamline the design process.

Problem-solving abilities: Presentation designers should be critical thinkers and adept problem-solvers. They should be able to find solutions to design challenges, adapt to different presentation formats, and work efficiently to meet tight deadlines.

Range and versatility: A consultant's portfolio should demonstrate a range of presentation styles and formats across industries. The consultant’s portfolio should showcase their ability to adapt their skills to different contexts and brands, while effectively tailoring designs to different audiences.

Understanding of branding: Consultants who understand branding principles can ensure that your presentation aligns with your brand's visual identity, maintaining consistency and reinforcing brand recognition.


When interviewing presentation design consultants, ask a mix of questions to assess their suitability for your project. Here's a list of interview questions to help you evaluate potential consultants:

  1. Can you provide examples of the best presentations you've designed in the past? Walk me through the design process and the goals behind those projects.
  2. How proficient are you with presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or design tools like Adobe Creative Suite?
  3. Can you describe how you solved a challenging design problem you encountered in a previous project?
  4. What techniques do you use to ensure consistency in design elements, such as fonts, colors, and layouts, throughout a presentation?
  5. How do you handle multimedia integration within presentations, such as videos, animations, and interactive elements?
  6. How do you ensure that the design of a presentation aligns with the client's brand identity and messaging?
  7. Do you incorporate AI into your design process? If so, what AI tools to you typically use?
  8. How do you handle receiving and incorporating client feedback during the design process?
  9. Can you describe how you manage your time and prioritize tasks when working on multiple design projects simultaneously?
  10. How do you define a successful collaboration with a client? What are your key priorities in a client-designer relationship?


When done well, presentations tell a story, are intuitive and distill complex data into digestible and actionable information. Poor presentation design, on the other hand, can distract or confuse your audience, and even undermine your credibility.

As such, hiring a skilled presentation design consultant can enhance your presentation quality, effectiveness, and impact. The benefits are numerous, from improved visual appeal to time savings and creative innovation. By collaborating with a skilled consultant, you're better positioned to engage your audience, convey your message, and achieve your presentation goals.

If you’re ready to bring in a presentation design consultant, partner with Simplicity and let us handle the heavy lifting of sourcing and hiring the presentation design consultant for your organization. Simplicity is a long-standing leader in the industry, quickly finding clients the presentation design consultants they need. We have a diverse pool of consultants specializing in presentation design, ready to help your organization. 

Our team utilizes a high-touch approach and will work with you through every step, from developing a detailed project outline based on your unique needs to creating a shortlist of consultants. From there, we organize working sessions with the presentation design consultants you’re most interested in and help guide you through the selection process. Once you select a presentation design consultant, you’ll work with one of our dedicated client success managers to ensure smooth sailing from kickoff to the project’s completion.

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