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Prepare for WA's paid family-leave benefits

Download our Leave of Absence Coverage Playbook

As of January 1, Washington state employees can apply for 12+ weeks of paid family and medical leave benefits.

Thanks to this new benefit, more people will be taking leave than ever before. As a manager, you want to support those taking leave—without overburdening yourself or your team.

Get ahead of it: Put a plan in place now, so you can support those taking a leave of absence and those covering during their leave.

Download the Leave of Absence Coverage Playbook.

Get inspired: Client success story

Repeat after us: I don’t have to go it alone!

Don’t overburden yourself or your team. Work with an experienced consultancy, like Simplicity, to leverage a short-term resource to cover the work while your employee is out on leave.

When an employee gives notice that they’re heading out on leave—just reach out. We’ll help you find the right expert for your need so that you don’t just survive, you might just thrive.

Here’s one of our favorite examples of a client who reacted quickly when an employee running a high-profile program went out on unplanned medical leave.

Business need

The Microsoft Elite program relies on thousands of internal early adopters to “use, love, and break” the company’s latest technology to ensure launch-ready products that provide an exceptional customer experience.

With nearly 250 participating programs under its belt ranging from Microsoft Office to Xbox, keeping the program running smoothly requires an incredible amount of organization and planning. So when the program’s lead PM went out on an unplanned emergency leave, someone needed to step in—quickly—to keep the high-profile program running at full speed.

“Simplicity’s ability to quickly fast-track quality coverage when I unavailable during a short-term leave, enabled us to keep the Microsoft Elite program running smoothly throughout my unplanned absence—ensuring Microsoft’s internal early adoption programs could launch and run smoothly. I was grateful for Simplicity Consulting’s high-quality talent and their ability to quickly step-in!”

Taj H., Microsoft Elite Program Manager


It was a perfect storm: In the midst of implementing innovative improvements to the program’s onboarding processes and toolset, the lead PM’s sudden leave coincided with the end of the program and member onboarding PM’s contract. The Elite program's existing pipeline of 20 new programs ready to onboard, 50 live programs, and the not-yet-finalized process and tool improvements were left without an owner.

Two short days after the program lead went out on leave, we fast-tracked a replacement program manager to lead during her absence. Our PM jumped headfirst into the still-developing processes, reporting bugs, communicating status updates to stakeholders and Elite program owners, and managing the end-to-end onboarding experience. She was able to keep program owners and members happy, while working with the Elite engineers to report and make improvements to the developing onboarding experience.

Without that continuity of support and expertise, new Elite programs would not have launched, thousands of Elite participants would have been uninformed about new program availability, and program owners would have missed out on the quality feedback they rely on to get their programs ready for market—negatively impacting the reputation of the Elite program.

As a result, the new program pipeline was successfully managed and launched on-schedule, while maintaining the program’s quality reputation with stakeholders, product managers, and participants.

“I knew of Jeannine—her reputation as a bright, creative, and knowledgeable member of Simplicity was well known across our team. While I was on leave, it was a huge relief to know that Jeannine was involved, figuring out the new tools and workflows, and managing key relationships to ensure Elite continued to run smoothly.” 

Taj H., Microsoft Elite Program Manager

Get prepared

We created a readiness checklist to help you successfully prepare for and cover employee leaves. Our playbook for successfully preparing for Washington State’s paid family and medical leave benefit includes:

  • Benefit overview
  • How to successfully plan ahead
  • Leave of absence coverage checklist
  • How we can help
  • Resources

Download the Leave of Absence Coverage Playbook.

Get help

We're you go-to partner for leave of absence coverage. We're helped thousands of managers successfully leverage on-demand talent to cover absences and fill vital gaps. Just contact us—we’ll do the rest.

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