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Overcome workplace communication challenges: a 2-part training series

I was thrilled to help organize a two-part training series to 1) help leaders break through communication barriers, and 2) provide communication tips for overcoming workplace conflicts.

Have you ever …

  • Received feedback that you need to be more “strategic” or specific?
  • Struggled to get your point across in team meetings?
  • Been frustrated that no one seems to hear you or acknowledge your ideas?
  • Tried to cope with a rude and insensitive coworker?
  • Been angry with a team member who always changes their mind?

Chances are, you answered yes to at least one of these questions. We’ve all been there. Communication can be challenging, especially in the workplace, yet it plays a fundamental role in our daily lives.

A huge thank you to Julie Schaller, a longtime friend of Simplicity and cofounder of Empower Coaching, for sharing her time and knowledge with our community.

Learn how to break through communication barriers - Part 1 video training with Empower Coaching’s Julie Schaller

Get actionable strategies for overcoming the most common communication challenges. Julie Schaller uses the Myers-Briggs personality type framework to help you better understand your communication style and how your style relates to other in the workplace.

Communication tips for resolving workplace conflicts [LinkedIn Live] - Part 2 video training with Empower Coaching’s Julie Schaller

In this 30-minute LinkedIn Live presentation, Julie shares pro tips for overcoming communication conflicts in the workplace. This training will help you:

  • Understand the psychology behind why conflict occurs
  • Gain strategies for resolving conflicts with your teams and leaders
  • Learn how to preempt the most common (virtual) workplace conflicts

Why it matters

The art of communicating effectively at work is a barrier for many professionals, especially in this increasingly digital era. It can cost you the promotion of your dreams, a life-changing deal, or career advancement.

For some, good communication comes naturally, but for others, it can be challenging to articulate their thoughts and feelings in conversation, often leading to conflicts and fundamental mistakes. Whether you are an effective communicator or not, it is essential to understand the importance of effective communication and how it can help you progress in the world of work. This is especially true for professionals in marketing and business management where effective comms ensure that teams work together and are in line with the company's objectives, giving others a sense of belonging and resulting in increased performance, constant innovation, and brand advocacy.

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