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How Rethinking Your Hiring Strategy Can Elevate Your Business

Traditional hiring can be slow, expensive, inflexible, and is often hyper-focused on the long term to the detriment of short- and mid-term projects. As someone who has been consulting with hiring managers and enterprise companies for more than a decade, I am intimately familiar with the limitations traditional hiring strategies put on employers.

If you’re frustrated with the many challenges of a traditional hiring strategy and want to incorporate more urgency, cost savings, and flexibility into your talent strategy, consider adopting a model that prioritizes on-demand, project-based consulting talent. Here’s how to get started:


It doesn’t need to be traditional hiring or nothing; you have options. As Simplicity’s CEO and founder, Lisa Hufford, likes to phrase it, shift your mindset from team to Team to embrace a total talent strategy.

A team consists solely of full-time employees. In contrast, a Team includes a collection of resources helping an organization reach its goals. There is no standard template — a Team can be any combination of full-time employees, consultants, freelancers, vendors, agencies, and contractors.

In contrast to the weeks or months it often takes to hire one full-time employee, an on-demand expert can be selected and hired very quickly. And highly skilled specialized consultants brought on for targeted projects often make an immediate impact.

Additionally, working with on-demand talent can be hugely helpful during times of economic uncertainty. This alternative to traditional hiring allows you to take advantage of a variable cost structure by only paying for the work you need when you need it.

Rethinking your talent strategy? Hire a consultant!


It might sound obvious, but it’s nearly impossible to have a successful project without first clearly defining what success looks like. So, ask yourself: What’s the most important outcome needed right now? And then dig a little deeper. What results do you want to see in 30 days? What about 90? What expertise do you have on your team, and where are your gaps? What milestones must be met? How will you measure success? 


Do traditional hiring strategies have some serious limitations? Yes. But are there alternatives to help you overcome these timely and costly obstacles? Absolutely.  To conquer the challenges of an ever-changing business climate, consider partnering with a specialized consulting agency such as Simplicity.

Our team prides itself in matchmaking clients with top Marketing, Communications, and Project and Program Management consultants. We work with you every step of the way from drafting a project outline, to vetting and sourcing consultant candidates, scheduling practice working sessions and interviews, to hiring and onboarding new talent. Our consultants have the skills and expertise to hit the ground running and produce bottom-line results quickly.

We are fully committed to our client’s success, and our work does not end once we’ve paired you with a consultant. Our team continues to manage performance, deliverables, and success metrics for your project, so that you as the client can focus on other pressing business matters.

If you’re ready to adopt a more cost-effective and flexible talent strategy, contact us to discuss how consulting can benefit your organization or department.

Carrie Morris is the EVP of Client Service & Success, Marketing, and Operations at Simplicity.

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