Learning and Development: Personal Brand Workshop With Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEO

In the new world of work, a clear, compelling personal brand matters more than ever. Watch this virtual personal brand workshop with Lisa Hufford—author of the Personal Brand Playbook and founder & CEO of Simplicity Consulting. You’ll feel inspired, informed, and energized to define and share your unique personal brand. This workshop will guide you through defining:

  1. What is a personal brand
  2. Why you need a personal brand
  3. The 5 steps to building your personal brand

Take the time to define your personal brand so you can confidently stand out from the crowd and position yourself for success—whatever that means for you. Download the Personal Brand Paybook

Remote Work: Staying Connected While Staying Apart

88% of companies are asking employees to work remotely to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread.

And while remote work is both our current reality and the future of work, transitioning overnight isn’t easy!

If any of the sentiments below sound like you, join us for an informal lunch & learn conversation, hosted by our founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford, on how to stay connected—while staying apart:

Get the remote work real talk you need to survive this current challenge … and thrive in the future of work.