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An Alternative to Traditional Hiring, Featuring Melinda George, Simplicity Consultant

Melinda George, a highly-skilled professional consultant specializing in project and program management shares her views on the traditional hiring model with Carrie Morris, VP of client service, marketing, and operations for Simplicity Consulting. In this short video, Melinda shares her experience working as a professional consultant.

“… consulting just made sense. It allowed me to pursue interesting, challenging projects, live where I want to live."

Melinda George, Simplicity Consultant

As a former FTE at Microsoft, Melinda discusses the consulting lifestyle as a new, flexible, and viable way to work, but more importantly, the opportunity to make a significant impact on her clients’ business.

Tune in and get a glimpse into the work Melinda is doing today, as a full-time consultant.

Watch Melinda and Carrie's discussion on an alternative to traditional hiring here:

To learn more about this topic, visit our blog where Carrie Morris reviews 3 reasons why traditional hiring is broken.

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