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Learn about the Microsoft Power Platform with Benjamín Avila!

What a joy - Benjamín Avila, Simplicity Consultant, is here to teach you about the Business Operations & Microsoft Power Platform! Benjamin develops programs and processes to support the organization's strategic direction and mission. He has invested 6 years at Microsoft standardizing rhythm of business, developing business processes complete with supporting tools and resources, and improving products through customer insight as well as product strategy and implementation. He is a strategic thinker and is passionate about opportunities that provide professional growth as well as improving processes, features, and products. His super-power is identifying gaps and needs in the business and providing an all-encompassing solution, as well as amplifying the users voice and leveraging data to find diverse and inclusive solutions in technology, that scale.

About the Expert: Benjamín is a seasoned business operations manager and expert Microsoft Power Platform user, skilled in organizational management, tool and resource creation and strategic planning.

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