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Breaking Through Communication Barriers With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

Knowing how to communicate effectively is not only a required life skill, it’s a competitive advantage. This is especially true in the virtual world.

This powerful and highly applicable presentation uses the Myers-Briggs personality type framework to help you understand your communication style, how your style relates to your clients and coworkers - and provides insights to overcome the most common communication challenges.

Have you ever…

…received feedback that you need to be more “strategic” or more specific?
…struggled to get your point across over video? Your boss and peers just don’t understand you.
…been frustrated that no one seems to hear you or acknowledge your ideas?
…tried to cope with a coworker who is rude and insensitive?
…found yourself consistently annoyed by those who are technically inept?
…been angry with the team member who always changes their mind?

The learning gained from this presentation will be invaluable for you, your career, and your ability to navigate the virtual world with ease.

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