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Mastering the Networking Conversation, Featuring Julie Schaller

Research shows that 70-85% of jobs are found through networking.

Approach networking the wrong way, and it’s a complete waste of time. Do it right, and doors open with very little effort. Discover how to demystify the process, activate your relationships, and flip any angst you feel into a sense of confidence and direction.

Whether you’re looking to grow your contacts or you’re rolling off a project and looking for the next one, activating your network is the single most effective way to find work. In this 15-minute training, you'll learn what to say when contacting your network and how to have strategic conversations with your contacts. You'll receive empowered coaching principles to break through the most common fears. The goal? Build confidence and skill in telling your network about the work you love to do!

About the speaker:

Julie Schaller is President & CEO of Julie Schaller Career Growth Coaching. Prior to coaching, Julie spent 12 years at Microsoft in business leadership roles and 3 years as a consultant. She understands the challenges busy professionals face. Her client list includes Microsoft, Nordstrom, Facebook, Amazon, T-Mobile, Simplicity Consulting, and many others. Julie is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and holds certifications in Myers-Briggs and Personal Branding. Julie was part of the original Simplicity Consulting team and continues to support Simplicity as coach and trainer. Contact Julie.

To learn more about mastering the art of networking, check out "6 ways to work your network to thrive as a consultant" by Simplicity Consulting's Founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford.

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