Own Your Life: Consulting Pros & Cons At Microsoft Alumni Network Virtual Career Fair With Carrie Marris, Simplicity Consulting Vice President

Learn why 40% of professionals don't want to be FTEs. Simplicity Consulting’s VP of Client Services, Carrie Morris, shares the benefits of consulting … and myth-busts the cons.

Curious about jumping into the gig economy? Learn more about project-based consulting work (versus full-time employment) and how to leverage your skills & experience to do the work you love. Download the Personal Brand Playbook

Simplicity Diversity Pledge

We pledge to:

  • Support BIPOC in activating and expanding their professional networks
  • Help BIPOC find meaningful work in marketing, communications, and business management roles

We invite clients and consultants to join us in an effort to help close the network gap and support BIPOC.

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