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Taming the Sabertooth: Thriving in Turbulent Times with Tracey Grove

Resilience is increasingly needed in the workplace. The world of work is more fast-paced, digitized, and interdependent than ever before. The addition of a pandemic has made any semblance of balance between work and home life an increasingly difficult challenge. For professionals trying to do more with less, please more demanding clients, and solve complex issues in a constantly changing environment, stress is becoming a part of life. The numbers are staggering:

  • 280 million workdays are lost in the US every year due to stress
  • Stressed employees take 6.19 sick days versus 2.69 days
  • 42% of employees have left a position solely due to stress
  • 20.8% of employees have received a depression diagnosis

While we may not be able to control our environment, we do have the power to control our response to it. This workshop with executive Coach, speaker, facilitator, and author, Tracey Grove, sets the foundation for building resilience at work and at home.

Watch the webinar or catch some of our takeaways below:

Taming the Sabertooth: Thriving in Turbulent Times - webinar video

On "Taming the Sabertooth"…

Resilience is our ability to deal with change and the use of a repertoire of problem-solving skills. It's about your belief in your capability.

We discuss:

  • How to nurture our recovery from stress
  • How to think about overcoming the fear
  • How to dominate daily distractions
  • How to can become more effective, focused, happier, calmer, and healthier

If you'd like to contact Tracey Grove for future engagements or further support on building resilience, you can check her out at puresymmetry.com or by emailing her at tracey@puresymmetry.com.

You can get a copy of Tracey's book, Taming the Sabertooth: Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World, here. The book serves as a roadmap for anyone looking to develop the ability to deal with ambiguity, change, and adversity with courage and grace. As leaders, we are reminded that while we cannot necessarily change our environment, we do have the power to choose our response to that environment by building resilience.

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