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Work Your Network to Get Work, Featuring Al Stelly, Simplicity Consultant

Al Stelly is a successful consultant and project manager with extensive experience in retail sales and operations, leadership development, and visual merchandising execution.

In this conversation with Carrie Morris, Simplicity Consulting's VP of marketing, operations, and client services, Al talks about the importance of networking to thrive as a consultant and shares some practical tips for getting started.

Al spent several years as a full-time employee in the enterprise world before transitioning to consulting. As such, he understands the power of building thoughtful connections in his career.

"In the time of need, I can call on [my connections] to either provide a recommendation, provide direct feedback on opportunities that I have, and this approach has helped me learn quite a bit as a professional to be able to get where I am today, for sure."

-Al Stelly

You’ve got to network to get work!

Tune in to watch Al's practical tips for working your network.

For more practical ways to succeed in the world of consulting, check out "6 ways to work your network to thrive as a consultant" by Simplicity Consulting's Founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford.

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