Paid Media 101

Learn the basics of Paid Media from Simplicity Consultant (and Paid Media Expert) Kate Sojda! What's paid media and why should you care? Kate shares her experience and gives a fantastic overview of the marketing funnel, paid media channels, understanding your audience, and measuring success.

About the speaker:

Kate Sojda is an integrated marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in content marketing, program management, and directing inspiring digital marketing campaigns.

From ideation to execution, Kate brings an audience-centric focus to storytelling and digital communications, and her strong emphasis on customer service continually delights her clients. With a background in project management and an eye for detail and analysis, Kate is always redefining and streamlining processes and procedures for efficiency and productivity.

Kate enjoys traveling, playing soccer, hiking with her dog, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering for causes she cares about.

Specialties: Content and creative strategy, paid media, product marketing, content marketing, digital consulting, internal communications, program and project management, operations, vendor management, project scope and budget creation, timeline creation and management, and creation of a work breakdown structure (WBS).

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Stand Out on LinkedIn!

Stay relevant on LinkedIn: Learn how to create and optimize your "About" section for maximum impact!

About the speaker:
Mary Alex (she goes by her initials M-A) “early-retired” from Microsoft/LinkedIn in 2021 where she worked for the last 6 years. Her first role at Microsoft was as a “Community Development Specialist” and then, as a “LinkedIn Ambassador” for two. During her employment, M-A delivered LinkedIn skill sets at diverse public-speaking events and online webinars, where she taught different classes to effectively use the platform from a strict data and AI-driven perspective. During her final two years at Microsoft, M-A served as an Account Executive in both the philanthropies and commercial sectors of the business.

Prior to Microsoft and for twenty years, M-A worked in the nonprofit/philanthropy sector raising operating budgets, managing charities’ social media and marketing, and conducting program management from start-up stage to financial sustainability. A recent engagement was for the Dave Matthews Band’s Foundation (the singer), where she helped the band members to strategically invest their philanthropy assets in hundreds of nonprofits.

M-A now resides outside of the Metro DC area in Charlottesville, VA and has her own boutique consulting firm "Be All LinkedIn". Her sweet spot for her consulting practice is helping "seasoned" professionals to recraft their profiles in a more contemporary voice to combat ageism. She also consults with nonprofits to maximize their use of the platform, small to medium-sized businesses, and individuals who want to change entire sectors to reinvent themselves on their LinkedIn profiles.

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Demystifying Pivot Tables with Christopher Goebel

Download the presentation and sample data to follow along and create Pivot Tables alongside Christopher!

This training is designed to:

  1. Break down the myth that pivot tables are:
    • Scary,
    • Require a lot of technical knowledge
  2. Pique your curiosity  
  3. Build Your Confidence

About the speaker:

Christopher Goebel is an innovative and results oriented marketing and channel development executive. With +20 years of experience, he has a proven track record of delivering high impact strategies for clients in diverse industries including: SaaS, Big Data & BI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud Computing.

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Setting the Right Tone with Clients

Learn how to set the right tone with your clients! Place your confidence front and center when you're interacting with and showing up for your clients and stakeholders.

About the speaker:

I am an editor who is passionate about well-written and error-free material that provides the reader with the information they need.

I am careful to construct logical, readable content to convey clear meaning for better understanding. I continually improve my approach to reaching audiences and engaging them in the topic.

I aspire to use my editing and writing skills and my project management experience to steer organizational and independent endeavors to successful conclusions.

Contrary to texting and tweeting abbreviations, I opt for complete sentences with proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. I polish and refine the written word so that my audiences have an enjoyable reading experience.

I have experience writing and editing for a variety of products and people, including modems, machine tools, commercial embroidery, employee communications, tax and accounting software, and fitness. I am capable of planning, managing, and executing efforts that achieve a desired outcome. I enjoy conquering a learning curve and becoming proficient in subject areas related to work and personal interests.

Researching, collaborating, writing, and editing make my world go round. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills that lead to successful outcomes with cross-functional teams and upper management. I can serve as a leader or a member of project teams. My work and life experiences have made me a good multi-tasker and problem solver.

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