Why Freedom and Flexibility Matters, Featuring Alyssa Hughes, Simplicity Consultant

Today we are here to shine a light on Alyssa Hughes!

Alyssa is a phenomenal marketing strategist, entrepreneur, military spouse, and mom.

She's been consulting with the Microsoft Research Web Production team for the past 5 years as a digital content manager, helping make sure that her team's presence is well represented across the web.

In this conversation with Carrie Morris, Simplicity's VP of marketing, operations, and client services, Alyssa shares the benefits of working as a consultant.

Tune in to learn how the consulting lifestyle has enabled Alyssa to find flexibility, build work-life balance, and even launch the Little Supply company, a company to help busy moms enjoy more of those magical moments with their kids effortlessly.

"…being able to really be proficient in my job and have time and freedom flexibility, because I'm not hamstrung by an office, it's really allowed me to become that marketing Rockstar for my clients."

Alyssa Hughes

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story, Alyssa!

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Work Your Network to Get Work, Featuring Al Stelly, Simplicity Consultant

Al Stelly is a successful consultant and project manager with extensive experience in retail sales and operations, leadership development, and visual merchandising execution.

In this conversation with Carrie Morris, Simplicity Consulting's VP of marketing, operations, and client services, Al talks about the importance of networking to thrive as a consultant and shares some practical tips for getting started.

Al spent several years as a full-time employee in the enterprise world before transitioning to consulting. As such, he understands the power of building thoughtful connections in his career.

"In the time of need, I can call on [my connections] to either provide a recommendation, provide direct feedback on opportunities that I have, and this approach has helped me learn quite a bit as a professional to be able to get where I am today, for sure."

-Al Stelly

You’ve got to network to get work!

Tune in to watch Al's practical tips for working your network.

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An Alternative to Traditional Hiring, Featuring Melinda George, Simplicity Consultant

Melinda George, a highly-skilled professional consultant specializing in project and program management shares her views on the traditional hiring model with Carrie Morris, VP of client service, marketing, and operations for Simplicity Consulting. In this short video, Melinda shares her experience working as a professional consultant.

“… consulting just made sense. It allowed me to pursue interesting, challenging projects, live where I want to live."

Melinda George, Simplicity Consultant

As a former FTE at Microsoft, Melinda discusses the consulting lifestyle as a new, flexible, and viable way to work, but more importantly, the opportunity to make a significant impact on her clients’ business.

Tune in and get a glimpse into the work Melinda is doing today, as a full-time consultant.

Watch Melinda and Carrie's discussion on an alternative to traditional hiring here:

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Thriving In The Future Of Work, Featuring Mary Cronkhite Johns, Simplicity Consultant

We are excited to introduce you to Mary Cronkhite Johns, a senior business management consultant for the technology industry.

Mary is an expert consensus builder, collaborator, and communicator. Here, she sits down with Simplicity Marketing VP, Carrie Morris to talk about the Future Of Work. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your voice and expertise with this audience.