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Today we are here to shine a light on Alyssa Hughes!

Alyssa is a phenomenal marketing strategist, entrepreneur, military spouse, and mom.

She's been consulting with the Microsoft Research Web Production team for the past 5 years as a digital content manager, helping make sure that her team's presence is well represented across the web.

In this conversation with Carrie Morris, Simplicity's VP of marketing, operations, and client services, Alyssa shares the benefits of working as a consultant.

Tune in to learn how the consulting lifestyle has enabled Alyssa to find flexibility, build work-life balance, and even launch the Little Supply company, a company to help busy moms enjoy more of those magical moments with their kids effortlessly.

"…being able to really be proficient in my job and have time and freedom flexibility, because I'm not hamstrung by an office, it's really allowed me to become that marketing Rockstar for my clients."

Alyssa Hughes

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story, Alyssa!

To learn more about the consulting lifestyle and the benefits of working this way, check out our latest blog post by our Founder and CEO, Lisa Hufford, Work, Your Way: Flexibility.

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