Creating a Culture of Coachability, Featuring Patricia Burgin

The pandemic has required us all to be more resilient, to roll with the punches, and adapt to change to keep our sanity. Coaching is now an essential skill that all leaders must add to their toolkit in order to foster team collaboration, performance and enhance mental health.

In this 30-minute conversation, Patricia Burgin will share top tips on how managers can create a culture of coachability and how employees and consultants can grow their coaching skills that result in a supportive and high-performance workplace.

This conversation is hosted by Simplicity Consulting’s Founder and CEO, Lisa Hufford, and will cover the following questions:

• What does coachability mean?
• How coachability and mental health are connected?
• How does a manager create a culture of coachability?
• How can an employee increase their coachability to advance their careers?

Tune in to this vital discussion for inspiration, introspection and personal and professional growth.

About Patty Burgin, MA MCC, Founder and CEO, SeattleCoach:

As a facilitator, author, and mentor coach of leaders, Patricia Burgin ("Patty") has advised and mentored thousands of individuals and teams toward better performance, communication, and meaning. She founded Seattle Coach in 2003 and has credentialed over 500 SeattleCoaches who have brought their wisdom, heart, and fun to the process of learning to “do the craft and be the coach”. Patty holds two masters degrees, one in Theology and a second in Applied Behavioral Science.

Thriving In The Future Of Work, Featuring Mary Cronkhite Johns, Simplicity Consultant

We are excited to introduce you to Mary Cronkhite Johns, a senior business management consultant for the technology industry.

Mary is an expert consensus builder, collaborator, and communicator. Here, she sits down with Simplicity Marketing VP, Carrie Morris to talk about the Future Of Work. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your voice and expertise with this audience.

Remote Work: Staying Connected While Staying Apart

88% of companies are asking employees to work remotely to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread.

And while remote work is both our current reality and the future of work, transitioning overnight isn’t easy!

If any of the sentiments below sound like you, join us for an informal lunch & learn conversation, hosted by our founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford, on how to stay connected—while staying apart:

Get the remote work real talk you need to survive this current challenge … and thrive in the future of work.

Breaking Through Communication Barriers With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

Knowing how to communicate effectively is not only a required life skill, it’s a competitive advantage. This is especially true in the virtual world.

This powerful and highly applicable presentation uses the Myers-Briggs personality type framework to help you understand your communication style, how your style relates to your clients and coworkers - and provides insights to overcome the most common communication challenges.

Have you ever…

…received feedback that you need to be more “strategic” or more specific?
…struggled to get your point across over video? Your boss and peers just don’t understand you.
…been frustrated that no one seems to hear you or acknowledge your ideas?
…tried to cope with a coworker who is rude and insensitive?
…found yourself consistently annoyed by those who are technically inept?
…been angry with the team member who always changes their mind?

The learning gained from this presentation will be invaluable for you, your career, and your ability to navigate the virtual world with ease.

Communication Tips For Resolving Workplace Conflicts With Julie Schaller, Career Growth Coach

Last month, Julie Schaller from Empower Coaching left us wanting more after her training on Breaking Through Communication Barriers (

In this training, Julie shares pro tips on overcoming communication conflicts in the workplace (original post on LinkedIn: ):