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An interview with Cindi Newell-Timmons
Director, Talent Delivery at Simplicity Consulting + DEI Advocate

Sara: What's your role here at Simplicity?

Cindi: With my amazing talent manager team, we curate and deliver the best and brightest talent to our Simplicity clients, and design the best possible experience for both clients and consultants. Our goal is to bring in a diverse slate of candidates - fast and right!

Sara: We're so happy that you're here! Can you describe the path that led you here?

Cindi: Well, I've worked with Simplicity before, as both a staff member in marketing and events and as a long-time consultant. I absolutely love what Simplicity brings to the client and consultant community, the inclusive nature by which Lisa runs the company, and all of the people that I have the opportunity to work with.

I came back as the Director of Talent Delivery because I wanted to be a part of the exciting journey and trajectory ahead. We're laser-focused on building out our talent delivery initiatives for our trusted clients and community with a results-driven approach, always looking for the best match experiences, and ensuring our commitment to DEI.

Sara: What do you love about working with Simplicity?

Cindi: People, 100%, and the everyday commitment and rigor we have to really bring in exceptional talent to support our clients. I love fostering relationships!

Sara: What would you say to someone who's considering consulting but isn't sure it's the right career move for them?

Cindi: Consulting is all about doing the work you love and are passionate about doing, but doing it - as Lisa’s book says - the way you want to work. Being a consultant is one of the best ways to drive your career passions and trajectory, and gain a huge variety of experiences that enable you to grow skills in different areas. Consulting also opens a door to work-life balance, and it gives people the chance to build on their portfolio in a way they wouldn't typically be able to as a one-faceted FTE with a company. It's also a great way to reinvent yourself in an area of passion that you may not have been able to use before. 

Sara: Why should someone choose to work with Simplicity?

Cindi: Our talent team is entirely dedicated to helping our consultants identify their sweet spots of skills so we can market them to the right client and the right opportunity. And because we have dedicated professionals here that care about the right fit and the right match, we will hone in on what consultants love to do best in addition to where their skills fit.

Sara: What makes you uniquely suited to this role with Simplicity?

Cindi: My superpower is fiercely caring about people, and helping them hone in on what they love to do in life and work. I lean in to help people achieve success, and I absolutely love to bring people joy, happiness and rays of sunshine on an ordinarily northwest rainy day. I have an incredible amount of energy and motivation when it comes to talking with people and finding out what brings them joy in work and life.

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