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The SPEED© solution: delivering at the speed of digital

SPEED© is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success.

Several years ago, my team invented a new approach to work. SPEED© stands for Success, Plan, Execute, Evaluate and Decide. It changes the way most managers traditionally look at things. First and foremost, SPEED© enables you to have a much broader viewpoint than simply placing names on an organizational chart. SPEED© is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success. Here’s some of the feedback we hear:

“It’s so fast. I usually can have someone start work within 10 days easily or faster … It’s one-tenth of the time it would take to hire someone full-time.”—Amanda F., technology company manager

But how does this work? Once you see where the gaps are, you have the ability to get the experts on the bus who can supplement your current team on an as-needed basis. I often see consultants not only deliver on their project, but add value to the existing FTE team and transfer important knowledge and skills, making the team better when they are there and when they are gone.

SPEED allows a company to augment its core team with on-demand talent who possess the specific skills and expertise each project needs. This keeps the core business running without distracting and overloading the FTEs with specific roles that aren’t allowed in their wheelhouse.

In addition, with veteran FTEs there’s always the danger of burnout or career plateauing. FTEs can also get stuck in the mentality of doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” Whereas experts can produce fresh ideas and solutions, and they can inject new energy that “lifts all boats with the tide.”

SPEED© is a strategy that enables managers to:

  • build flexible, project-based teams that get results;
  • stop spending months searching for talent;
  • exponentially expand their talent pool;
  • test ideas and change direction fast to stay competitive and drive innovation;
  • reduce severance and layoffs;
  • bring a fresh perspective with “strategic doers” on teams;
  • do more with less.

So what does SPEED© look in action and how do you deliver results when the heat is on? That is the subject of my next article: Building Your On-Demand Team.

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