Homepage Hero: Hai D.

Hai D.
Program Owner | Customer Advocacy Program

How did I get here?
I actually began my career providing therapy as a behavioral health counselor before earning an MBA and running executive projects for health systems. I later transitioned into publishing social media campaigns and designing advertisements for small, boutique brands.

After completing and renewing several engagements with Simplicity, I can now say that I consult in all things marketing and management for various companies such as partner marketing with AWS, product strategy with EagleView, and even brand management with Microsoft Xbox.

How did I manage that?
My early volunteering experience for vulnerable LGBTQIA+ communities taught me that problems are usually embedded systemically and that creative solutions come from collaborative relationships. To this day, I continue to give back to the community by organizing programming with the Project Management Institute, which renews the positivity and passion I bring to every role.

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Homepage Hero: Krissi T.

Krissi T.
Senior Project Manager, Cloud Marketing | Brand, Advocacy, Demand and Evangelism

I started consulting/freelancing in 1999 because I wanted to deliver excellence to my clients exactly the way THEY wanted, not by someone else’s design. This is one of the main reasons I chose consulting.

I like the 1:1 support I can provide, and by being both integrated into a team and bring that critical outsider lens, I'm can more easily help my clients see where improvements can be made. Flexibility and variety, above all else, is why I do this work! I get to participate in so many interesting projects, and I have the ability to work with different clients and cultures. I also love the ability to set the hours that work best for me, so I can add the most value to my clients' projects.

My bottom line:
💖 I'm ready to serve with a joyous heart—always.
🤩 I believe the right attitude is more important than skill-set.
🧠 I think the path to success comes from a clear mind where you're excited to learn every day.
👊 I know life is meant to be lived fully on your own terms, not by someone else’s design.
🌟 I find inspiration in everything I do.

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Homepage Hero: Telain W.

Telain W.
Writer | Executive Communications and Public Affairs

Throughout my career, I have positioned brands and successfully marketed, communicated, and promoted new products, services, causes, initiatives, and executives in uniquely creative, cost-saving ways that yielded lasting customer, partner, employee, and community connections. The arc of my career spans working in large corporations, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and working as a consultant and a contract employee. Although the roles and environments changed a lot over time, a constant was the value I brought to each position. 

I approached each job with a "Day 1" mentality and an intentional choice to deliver excellence, while learning new skills that would be transferable in the future. The journey equipped me for my current role as a Simplicity Consultant. Currently, I am working as a writer and content creator at Tableau.

My work mantra is: Deliver results daily. Add to current and long-term success. Be significant.

I hope everyone can do the work they love in supportive environments where they thrive. Find Your Happy!

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