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How a Consultant Can Enhance Your Company's DEI Communications

How your company communicates information related to diversity, equity, and inclusion is incredibly important. Whether your organization is launching a new DEI initiative or needs help with internal messaging or external DEI communications strategy, working with a DEI communications expert can be precisely what you need. 


DEI communications refer to organizations’ strategic efforts and practices to promote and foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their internal and external communication processes. Effective DEI communications will clearly convey core messages, information, and initiatives supporting and advancing these goals. 

DEI communications aim to promote an inclusive and respectful organizational culture, ensuring that diverse perspectives are heard, valued, and represented in organizational messaging, policies, and practices. 

These efforts encompass various mediums such as internal memos, employee newsletters, public statements, social media campaigns, and community engagement to promote understanding, awareness, and a sense of belonging for individuals from all backgrounds.

Need help with DEI communications?


These specialized consultants work with organizations to assess their diversity, equality, and inclusion communications, providing guidance and best practices on how to improve and advance those areas. A company may look to hire a consultant to help with their overall DEI communications or to assist with more specific needs, including:

Change management: If your organization is involved in a merger or acquisition, chances are the companies involved have varying messaging related to DEI. In these situations, a DEI communications consultant with change management expertise can work with key stakeholders to align the messaging and collaborate with internal teams to update the language across platforms Additionally, if your company is launching a new DEI initiative, a consultant with experience in DEI communications strategy can help ensure your organization takes the appropriate steps to develop communication plans and engagement initiatives that will generate team buy-in.

Crisis communication: No one wants to find themselves amid a PR mess, but working with an outside expert with experience with both crisis communications and DEI programs can help your organization avoid additional fallout or unforced errors that make matters worse. These experts can provide guidance on how and when to share information with internal and external audiences to preserve the integrity of your organization's reputation.

Executive communications: DEI communications can be a sensitive subject requiring both knowledge and nuance. As such, it is critical to ensure that the messaging starts at the top and is done in an authentic way that inspires trust and confidence. DEI communications consultants can help develop executive communication frameworks incorporating inclusive language and cultural sensitivity in speeches, presentations, and public statements. These experts can also coach executives on how to present about initiatives and issues related to DEI. Moreover, they can guide leaders in supporting diversity representation through executive communications. This might include highlighting diverse voices and experiences, featuring diverse leaders, and showcasing inclusive stories and achievements within the organization.

Internal communications: A DEI communications consultant can significantly contribute to a company's internal communication by fostering a company culture committed to DEI. They can assist in developing and implementing internal communication strategies that promote inclusive messaging, equitable practices, and better employee engagement. These experts can also provide advice on crafting communications that recognize and respect diverse perspectives, ensure equitable access to information and resources, and encourage active participation and feedback from employees at all levels. In addition, a DEI communications consultant can facilitate training sessions to enhance employees' understanding of DEI concepts and encourage open dialogue. 

Specific DEI campaigns: A DEI communications consultant might also be brought aboard to help where your organization lacks the bandwidth or deep experience required. This might involve helping with internal and external communication efforts related to special observances or diversity heritage months such as Women’s History Month, Pride, Black History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and so forth. Outside consultants know what pitfalls to avoid and can help your organization handle your communications right – the first time. This means messages are delivered in the right tone at the right time on the right platforms with the right information. 


Simplicity is a leader in connecting organizations with the experts they need in the areas of communications, marketing, project, and program management. We have access to an extensive web of communications consultants who have experience helping companies enhance their DEI communications strategy.

When you partner with Simplicity, we’ll work with you through every step of the process. We start by assisting you in creating a comprehensive project outline and sourcing skilled candidates. We then facilitate working sessions between you and prospective DEI communications consultants, guiding you throughout the selection process. Once you have found the ideal consultant, we assign a dedicated client success manager who will ensure a seamless experience from Day One through project completion.

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