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How To Conquer Burnout And Fatigue With Mitch Shepard, DEI Strategist

This event is hosted by Lisa Hufford, founder & CEO @Simplicity Consulting. Since the start of COVID-19, there has been one consistent theme we’ve heard loud and clear: professionals in high-growth industries are struggling with the blurred lines between work and home-life. Many are trying to balance it all without burning out. Join us for a complimentary workshop, sponsored by Simplicity Consulting, to:

  • Understand the common culprits of burnout and how to overcome them
  • Push back strategically and skillfully on the constant flood of priorities, while still being seen as a team player
  • Prioritize, set boundaries, and differentiate between perceived versus actual emergencies that create the most churn
  • Manage your emotions through turbulent times
  • Evaluate the division of labor at home to see if crucial conversations or rebalancing is necessary
  • Develop practical tips & tools to reverse or avoid burnout
  • Envision your ideal work/life balance “Begin with the end in mind”
  • Clarify & align your values to the way you spend your time and energy
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