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How To Execute An Insanely Awesome Digital Marketing Campaign

Get a leg up on how to execute digital campaigns that drive results.

As consumers shift more and more to a digital world, companies must use technology to improve performance, expand reach, optimize and operationalize infrastructures, and find new ways to connect with audiences. Every step we take, every dollar spent, must lead to intentional results.

In this (on-demand) webinar, led by Simplicity founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford, and featuring digital marketing experts, Cassandra Douglas and Sydney Tanner, you'll learn how to build an insanely awesome marketing campaign in 2020, including pro tips from strategy to execution, and what not to do when executing marketing campaigns that drive results.

You'll learn how to:

  1. Use our repeatable & scalable framework to plan and execute winning digital campaigns
  2. Identify key digital marketing metrics for your business
  3. Optimize tools, processes, and capabilities to make them work for you
  4. Utilize data analytics to create lucrative advertising campaigns

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