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Simplicity at Talent Connect 2022!

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Closing the Network Gap!

LaShunte Portrey, our founding Director of Talent Acquisition, was invited to be a panelist at LinkedIn's Talent Connect Summit 2022, where global talent leaders gathered to explore – and shape – the future of work. Meg Garlinghouse, LinkedIn's VP of Social Impact (and the inspiration behind Simplicity's Diversity Pledge), curated the panel discussion with amazing thought leaders, including our very own LaShunte Portrey, Kristina Hu of Candoor, Ceantel Rubin of Fuse Corps, and Monica Lewis of LI to engage in candid conversation around how companies can help close the network gap and unlock economic opportunities for the global workforce.

During the panel, LaShunte shared authentically about how she and her team help shape the future of work through our Diversity Pledge and by bringing in exceptional, diverse talent pools to our clients at Microsoft, Amazon, AWS, Google, Cisco, Intel, Epic Games, and other innovative companies.

Researchers studied 20 million global LinkedIn members over 5 years. They found that a moderately weak tie is more than 2x as likely to lead to a job opportunity than a strong tie.

LinkedIn Talent Connect 2022

At Simplicity, by intentionally networking beyond our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections, we can help bridge the gap between talent and career opportunities. "Our Diversity Pledge aims to create better opportunities and outcomes for untapped talent, especially those from historically marginalized groups," LaShunte explained.  

We're excited to celebrate the milestones of the Diversity Pledge journey with you in 2022. During the next few weeks, you'll learn more about the progress we've made in increasing diversity across our talent community and elevating our inclusive hiring practices. Aside from learning about our efforts to foster meaningful connections & belonging, you'll also gain insight into our expanded success metrics to help drive sustainable change. To our consultants, clients, we invite you to take Simplicity’s Diversity Pledge and join us in our efforts to help everyone thrive in this new world of work.

LaShunte’s favorite quotes and concepts from TC 2022:

On Skill-based hiring practices

“The future is about building a deep understanding of people’s potential, and the person behind the profile.”

Ryan Roslansky, CEO at LinkedIn


“The pandemic reminded us that an equitable future is not assured; we must work for it. By putting skills first and providing flexibility, continuous upskilling and mobility, we can expand opportunity and ensure a more equitable future of work.”

Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn
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