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How Your Company Can Succeed at Corporate Storytelling

Understanding how to truly connect with your current or prospective customers, employees, job candidates, the media, and investors is extremely valuable for enterprise companies today. One powerful tool to achieve the goal of capturing attention and making a connection is corporate storytelling, also known as business storytelling.

By harnessing the timeless art of storytelling, businesses can engage and inspire their target audiences on a deeper level.

Below we explore corporate storytelling, commonly used methods, best practices, and how a specialized consulting agency like Simplicity can help you find on-demand experts to craft compelling company narratives.


Corporate storytelling strategically uses narratives to communicate a company’s values, purpose, brand identity, and achievements. It goes beyond facts and figures, aiming to create an emotional connection with the audience. Through storytelling, businesses can captivate stakeholders and make a lasting impact.

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The following are common methods used in corporate storytelling:

Identifying core messages: Effective corporate storytelling begins by defining the central messages that align with the business's mission and resonate with the target audience. These messages should be clear, concise, and relevant.

Developing characters: Just as characters bring life to a story, businesses can focus on relatable characters that embody their brand values. “Characters” of a corporate story can be company founders, current executives, customers, employees, or even the business itself. By humanizing the brand, companies can forge stronger emotional connections.

Creating narrative structures: Powerful storytelling follows a structured arc, such as the hero's journey or a problem-solution approach. This structure helps guide readers, viewers or listeners through the story, creating anticipation, emotional engagement, and a rewarding sense of resolution.

Incorporating visuals and multimedia: Visual elements, such as videos, images, and infographics, enhance the impact of corporate storytelling. They provide a multi-sensory experience that reinforces the narrative and makes it more memorable.


Authenticity: A compelling corporate story should be authentic and genuine to the organization’s mission, vision, company culture, and history. Authenticity builds trust and credibility.

Consistency: Consistency is vital in corporate storytelling. From marketing, advertising and PR campaigns to internal communications, all messaging should align with the overarching narrative and reinforce the brand identity.

Emotional appeal: Stories that evoke emotions are more likely to resonate and be remembered. Businesses can create a stronger bond with their audience by tapping into universal emotions such as joy, empathy, or triumph.

Engaging with feedback: Effective storytelling is a two-way street. Encouraging dialogue and actively listening to the audience's feedback allows businesses to refine their narratives and strengthen their story.


Crafting impactful narratives is a skill that often requires specialized expertise. Hiring a communications consultant who focuses on corporate storytelling projects can offer many advantages:

A fresh perspective: An external consultant brings fresh eyes and a different perspective, which can enable them to uncover unique stories and angles that might have been overlooked internally.

Expertise in storytelling techniques: Communications consultants specializing in business storytelling deeply understand narrative structures, emotional triggers, and the art of engagement. They know how to tailor stories to achieve the desired outcomes.

Efficiency: The research and writing involved with corporate storytelling is significant. It can be a very time-intensive process, particularly for in-house employees with limited experience in this area. Partnering with a corporate or business storytelling consultant frees up internal employees to focus on core responsibilities while leveraging the consultant’s expertise in crafting narratives and creating compelling points about your company’s primary value props.


Corporate storytelling is a powerful technique that businesses can use to connect with their target audiences and build their brand. But you need to have the right person on the job. By partnering with Simplicity, you hand the time-consuming legwork of hiring skilled consultants to the experts. Simplicity is a leader in finding on-demand communications experts.

Our team works with you through every stage of your hiring journey. We start by collaborating with you to develop a comprehensive project outline tailored to your requirements. Our dedicated team then takes charge of sourcing consulting candidates and arranging interviews and working sessions with them. Throughout the selection process, we provide guidance and support. Upon finding the ideal communications consultant to meet your business storytelling needs, we assign you a dedicated client success manager who will ensure a seamless experience from project initiation to its successful completion.

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